Just For Today….Let Go of all the 3D Drama and Know That You Are Loved!


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u r lovedJust for today…. I like that! What a wonderful concept. Forget about tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. Just for today let go of all that is burdening you. Let go of all your fears and your worries and hand them over in a nice little suitcase to God and know that you are loved!

You are not alone on this journey even though you may think you are. The little you you see in the mirror is but a small reflection of who you truly are! You are a being of enormous potential and infinite capability! Without your burdens weighing you down, you can tap into the vast sea of possibility that surrounds you. All you need is love. Once you understand this concept, this truth, your world will change. Let go of all the 3D drama and rest assured, and in peace knowing this.

The high vibration of love is all you will ever need. It will heal you, feed you, clothe you and fulfill your every need.

Imagine this: You have your own personal Genie. The way to access this incredible and magical Genie is to go into your Heart and spend some time in that special space loving yourself. Why? Because God loves you and when you love yourself, you’re loving your Creator and you’re being loved in return. Love is Soul Food…


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Twin Flame Reunion Update…


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The long awaited update :)

Originally posted on Twin Flame Love Diary:


It’s been almost a year since I posted an update on this blog…. I am always reluctant to share my experience because it is so intensely personal, but….there are many out there who are confused about the subject of Twin Flame Love, and maybe they will receive some enlightenment from my posts.

What I have learned is that we both exist on the Earth plane at this time, but in different frequencies of energy. And this is the difficult part…..The reunification of our energy has been somewhat challenging to say the least.  I do not view this reunification as my ‘ascension’, but rather a transition from a lower dimension to reunite with my higher consciousness. I am an ascended being, and master, as are many Starseeds who came here to help lift the planet into the Age of Light. But as a highly evolved being, my energy body is vast…

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An update…


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I wrote this post almost a year ago….time for another update :) <3

Originally posted on Twin Flame Love Diary:

It was my intention to post more on what was happening in my life with my Twin Flame, but its such a deeply personal experience that I have been hesitating to share it with anyone.  But I want to share that as time goes on we have never been more in union. Falling more and more in [the vibration of Divine and Sacred] Love has been the most amazing experience ever. It is deeply personal and intimate and just cannot be explained or shared for that matter. Which is why I think there remains still so much confusion around  the subject of Twin Flames.

This I know for sure: Your Twin Flame is your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine energy or essence. Everyone has this Yin/Yang essence which completes them, makes them whole. These two essences or parts of you do not exist outside of yourself or more accurately your…

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