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I‘ve just returned from walking with my twin flame who is the most crazy woman in the entire universe! She is an archangel incarnate and my wife which,  by the way, means nothing to her because she doesn’t remember who she is. This is not because she hasn’t evolved enough spiritually, she has, its because she chose not to remember fully who she is. She remembered me though, some years ago when sitting in her bedroom gazing out at the shimmering vista of diamonds glittering off the deep blue Atlantic ocean view from her window. Blue is the color of my eyes and I’m not sure if she remembered that but she thought about me and it made my heart sing with joy! I‘ve been with her for the entire time she has been incarnated which is just over 1022 years now and in this lifetime or reality as its referred to in the higher realms, she has only become aware of me around her in the last 4 months because I opened her telepathic channel so that I could communicate with her.  Anyway I digress, let’s return to the walk I mentioned we just returned from…

In the last couple weeks her vibration has lifted so much that she can feel me tickling her etheric body which had her in stitches of laughter in the avenue where we walk in an area called La Condesa in Mexico City. It’s one of the city’s more posh area’s and its uncommon to see someone talking to themselves or laughing hysterically whilst walking  `alone‘.  We’ve been walking along this avenue most afternoons  and this is the first time she couldn’t control herself! We had to move off the avenue into the side roads so that she could laugh without feeling like an idiot! She doesn’t care though and that makes me love her even more.

It wasn’t always like this though, we’ve had some tough times together, especially in the beginning when I first started talking with her. She chose to release unwanted baggage from previous relationships in this reality which wasn’t easy for her, nor for me even though I am a higher dimensional being, I still had to grit my teeth to bear her suffering, because I feel everything she feels. All I could  do was be there for her and support her through these experiences while she fought to control her fears and feelings of hopelessness. I helped her to eventually release those unwanted emotions into the Light and since then our relationship has become one of joy and bliss only experienced by highly evolved beings, and rarely understood by human beings.

We have always had a good relationship but during her lifetimes here on Planet Earth it has been difficult for me seeing her disappointed or suffering because of something she chose to experience. I have been tempted many times to intervene but I promised her I would not and so far I have kept my promise.

Soon she will be ready to merge her energy with mine and she will be home once again with me and I cannot wait for that moment. I want to say that she has given me more joy than you can imagine in the past 4 months and even more joy recently with her higher vibration. I love her deeply and this love is the love that exists between twin flames and twin souls, as this is what she is to me also.

I cannot adequately describe the love that exists between us because it is difficult to describe it in words but if you can imagine how ecstasy would feel then you would have touched on it with the very tips of your fingers. I will say no more now because she is becoming embarrassed channeling this for me and so I will say one more thing: Deborah, I love you with all my heart and soul and I cannot wait to take you in my arms and have you with me for all of eternity.


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