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Love is an energy, it is everywhere in the air around you and it is being beamed to you from the cosmos, from the great central sun in the middle of the sub-universe in which your galaxy exists.

This energy is attracted to like energy, which means that love attracts love unto itself, which is true for any type of energy. The more love energy you create, the more love you attract to yourself. You are first and foremost creators and you are co-creating with the universe.

Everything is energy and energy exists on a vibrational level, so it can be said that that which exists in a particular vibration will attract more of what is vibrating at that same level of vibration, therefore that which exists at the vibration of your thoughts, words and actions, becomes part of your living experience.

Let us get back to the energy of love. I wish to point out that love is largely misunderstood in the human realm and its used mostly within the context of romantic love which is unfortunate. In truth, Love or Unconditional Love as it’s referred to in the higher realms, exists as all things. It is not just a part of everything, it is everything! This kind of love would overwhelm your human brain, and for those of you who have experienced a tiny part of this powerful love energy, it is mind blowing to say the least.

All things exists as love, on all levels. This means that everything is love. God is Love, Life is Love! All That Is, exists entirely as Love energy. The love energy that exists between Twin Flames is expressed as a Divine Union with Oneness which is the same as being in Oneness with all of life. It is expressed as being in Oneness with All That Is. This Oneness is the Love of your Creator. This is how it feels to be loved by your Creator. The love is the love that exists in the higher realms and this is the love that is being sent to you each day.

So what does it feel like to actually LIVE in this vibration of love? It feels amazing! It feels like bliss and ecstasy. In fact there are no words to describe this love in your language. If you think in terms of bliss, how it feels to taste the burst of strawberry yoghurt on your tongue, or the feel of coconut ice cream on your lips, then you would have touched on the feeling of bliss this kind of love creates. It is Pure Joy, it is Oneness.


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