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ny❤ While doing a reading this morning, I received this message from Archangel Indriel.  Since it seems so pertinent to what’s going on in the lives of so many of us, I thought I’d share what she had to say.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


“As you strive to move forward, it may appear that you are encountering obstacle after seemingly immovable obstacle.  Fear not, Child.  It is but an illusion, a temporary rut in the road, and it it necessary for you only to be mindful of not stumbling into it.  These ruts are shallow and may trip you up for a short time, but you will find it to be relatively easy to quickly pick yourself up and soldier on.  Keep your course.  Stay focused.  Do not be deterred from your goals, as your goals are fully attainable from here on in.  You will know these goals by the burning passion which you feel within your heart.  ‘But there is no passion’, you might say.  Is this so, Dear One?  Than this thing you chase after is not really your life’s work at all.  It is not your soul’s charted path.  And what should you do in this case?  Why…change direction, of course, and do so promptly.  Tarry not.  Your are glorious and unique, and nobody else can fill the special spot designed exclusively for you and by you and your Creator.

Make a plan and set it into motion.  When you feel stagnant,take action.  Make informed decisions. Be disciplined in your approach to the realization of your goals, and know yourself as a confident and integral participant in the changes taking place in the world around you.  Can you still deny that they are taking place?  Look about you, Dear, and behold the death of the old ways.  Dramatic changes are visible now, and they shall further increase and become more obvious with every passing day.  You have been ready for this for a long while, as have we.  The time has come, at long last.  Inevitable peace, abundance and freedom for the children of Gaia.  Praise be.

Global events have the tendency to cause a ripple effect.  What happens on one side of the globe will most certainly have an effect on you, even though you reside on the other.  Accept any challenges and delays at face value, as simply that; temporary challenges and delays.  It is quite simple, so do not read any more into it than that.  Meet your challenges head-on, then proceed forward.  As the truth is revealed – and, oh, mark my words, it is already beginning – there will be chaos and upheavals, disillusionment and fear felt by the unawakened masses.  But know that this disorder is necessary if they are ever to learn and grow.  Their added increase in frequency is critical to the vibrational quotient of Humanity as a whole.  So be patient and be kind, and never place yourself upon a pedestal or see yourself as greater than your brother.  Refrain from passing judgement.  Endeavor not to lose your sense of humor.  I have faith in you, Dear Child.  You are the very image of your maker.  Be blessed, always.

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