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bella1This message came in to me when I woke up this morning.  I had a very clear recollection of Indriel being present during mt dream travels, but I have no recollection of any of the details.  Her name was repeating, as I awakened, and this intense yet pretty message is what I heard her say.


“Choose joy.  You must always choose joy over all else, regardless of what is transpiring in your life at the time of such choosing.  Choose love and faith and compassion, and never veer too far off from The Light.  See The Light before you now and evermore, and make haste in that direction.  The Light – it draws you like a moth to a flame, and justly so.  You are Light!   You came unto this place to beam that Light to all the children of the Earth, both within and without and all points in between.  You are the beacon.  Shine bright and they will see you.  Step out from shadows and they will see you.  Speak your truth loudly and clearly and they cannot help but hear you.  And when they hear you, they will believe.  But do it from a place of joy.  Always with joy.

The seas are rising now, My Children, and the barriers are falling fast.  Don’t try to see this with your Human eye, but look  instead for the signs with the vision of the ‘one you were before’ – and still are!  There are no illusions with this vision, as ‘you-she-that one’ possesses the truest kind of vision.  The kind which sees past the clutter and illusion, and cuts deep to the heart of what is and is not real.  Every one of you are in possession of this vision, but to use it you must believe without reservation.  You must have faith that the Divine Plan is being carried out right beneath your very noses, and if you so choose to then you will see.

Sink not ever into despair and doubt.  Negative thinking will get you noplace quickly, and truly…do you wish to remain at this in-between stage for much longer?  This is the place of halfway there, but not quite.  The time has come for every Child of the Earth to cast caution to the wind, and allow yourselves to trust.  Trust God, trust Us, but most importantly trust yourselves.  The changes are coming, and they will wait for no one.  No man, no woman or child.  Do you truly think that this is all you came here for;  this silly game of survival, struggle and monotony?  So devoid of creativity, exuberance and surprise, it’s been one day exactly like the one before!  You were created for so much more than that.

Spread word to all who will listen that it’s high time to embrace that which your Human senses cannot see and try operating  purely from a place of faith.  Fear not that they will mock you.  I think that you shall be pleasantly surprised.  You have been waiting ever so very patiently and now it’s clearly time.    So step up and be who and what you have come here to be.  And with my blessings, always.”

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