~ Do not be afraid, Dear Hearts, to love unreservedly and without condition.  This does not make you weak or vulnerable, but rather it empowers you and makes you stronger.  Those who allow themselves to operate from a heart-centered place are Warriors of Spirit in the truest sense of the word.  Being distrustful and suspicious of other people and situations, when such a thing is honestly not warranted, only serves to place you in a negative frame of mind.  When you are negative and expecting to be hurt or taken advantage of, you may rest assured it is precisely that which you shall draw towards you.  More than ever before, the environment within which you dwell is designed to pull in quickly what it is you focus your mind upon.  So be intent.  Focus upon joyous things, positive things, and expect only the most illustrious outcome in any situation.

~ We are rapidly moving towards a fresh, new way of doing things.  The old methods, the ones which you were conditioned to rely on for survival and success, will in short time no longer be effective.  To rely on these is to, in actuality, set yourself up to achieve the very antithesis of that which you believe you are working to create.  It is why lately, so many of your efforts seem to be in vain.  But never, ever give up.  Never cease to strive for that which you know for a certainty is your true life’s path.  When you meet with resistance, look deeply within and examine why this might be happening.  Are you employing obsolete mind-sets, such as ‘survival of the fittest’?  It’s not supposed to be an uphill climb anymore.  You needn’t suffer to be beautiful, successful or powerful, because you already are!

~ At the risk of repeating myself again and again, I task you with the cleansing of your energy bodies and chakric systems.  Stubborn, negative thought-forms require persistent clearing.  Your body, mind and spirit need to be checked and realigned on a daily basis.  Much debris is being shaken off the planet, and Gaia wastes no time at all casting her rubbish to the winds.  As it it is cast off, it swirls about in search of receptive places to land and adhere to.  These parasitic energies, thought-forms and societal ideals are unhealthy and ill-suited to your gently transforming physiology.  They will drain you and cause you fatigue and anxiety.  Care well for yourselves in these times, Beloveds.  Dwell always in the heart-space and be positive and expect only the best.  Be open to loving one another, and put into practice now the principle of Unity Consciousness.  Be the very things you seek to be, as it is only by openly living in this way that you are able to pave the way for the others who are soon to follow.  And follow they shall.

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