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~ Last night I was drawn to pull a card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck.  I was having one of those days where I was questioning everything – the economy, the government, mainsteam media, the violence and injustice in the world, our personal ascension and the role I’m supposed to play in the shifting of it all.  No -not the fluffy stuff!  I asked my Team to speak with me about it and they told me to pull one card.  Just one.  And the card that came up was the Five of Fire, which I find to be incredibly appropriate and which answered my questions quite clearly.  This card really gets straight to the heart of how a great many of us are feeling right now.  Do you feel like you’re sort of at cross-purposes? Like you’re doing one thing, but your heart is strongly pushing and guiding you to do another?  Are you feeling impatient, all the while knowing that patience is one of the virtues we’re supposed to be exemplifying for the sleeping masses?  I think you get what I mean.  There are endless examples I could come up with relating to this topic.

~ Because it was late, I set the card aside and decided to get some sleep.  I asked my Team to please elaborate on why I drew this particular card out of a deck of 78, and to show me during dreamtime some additional insight.  What is going on, I asked them?  Is any of this true ,what I’m reading and hearing?  Are those predicted big changes and shifts in consciousness really going to happen in this lifetime?  As is typical of my Team, they chose to present the info in the form of a little excursion or play.  I found myself with a group of them, and we were entering the front door of a beachfront club.  The music was loud and the atmosphere chaotic.  People were screaming and dancing and totally trashed.  I saw a couple of fights break out, and the crowd was so big and rowdy that the building couldn’t contain them all, so they spilled out onto a deck area and out further onto the sand.  I intuitively knew that this was supposed to be happening during Spring Break  (which is perfectly fitting, because Spring Break is going on right now.  It also gels with the predictions circling the internet about a big event in March).

~ What ended up happening next is that a fire started in the club.  It spread very fast, and people were screaming and physically attacking each other to get out of the way.  My Team and I stood off to one side, as quiet observers.  But the craziest thing happened; the building, while completely engulfed in flames, never actually burned down.  When the fire stopped, the building was intact – the interior was beautiful and pristine and orderly.  The people all relaxed on the floor in a sort of blissful, meditative state, sitting crosslegged or lying down.  How amazing, I thought.  I completely got the gist of what they were trying to show me;  that there had to be a major purification, and along with it lots of chaos and fear and the ensuing drama, before anything new could take hold.  The Earth would remain intact after the changes, but it would be clean, bright and more the Paradise she is soon destined to be.   And when the process  was complete, there would be peace.  We could rest.  We could simply Be.

~ The words printed at the bottom of this card are also very telling.  They say, “Competing goals.  Bothersome details.  Conflict with others.”  Let’s address the competing goals.  The wars, the dogma, the disagreements over how to live and what is “right and wrong.”  Again, the list goes on and on… The trumpet has been sounded and the call has gone out to all of us who came here to serve Gaia, telling us that our personal missions are being activated.  We are beginning to remember what we came here to do, and a fire – that very fire represented by this card – has been lit both within us and around us.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to wake up each morning and go off to do a job we find mundane and at odds with what our heart is leading us to do.  But sometimes it feels as though there’s nothing we can do to change it, so we just continue on.  We have bills to pay, a family to feed, or we may still be unclear as to the details of what our mission actually is.  Such are the competing goals, the bothersome details!

~ To approach this card’s message from a Global standpoint, we are reminded of the great disparity between what is truth and what is passing for truth in the mainstream.  The old paradigm is gasping for breath and is struggling to survive against the overwhelming strength and power of The Light.   Our planet and her accompanying society is fighting valiantly to change (hence the “5″, the number of change and transformation), and the dark is completely at a loss as to how to stop it from occuring.  Because the changes can’t be stopped.  This card cautions us to be ready for things move fast, like wildfire, and to expect them to transform almost before our eyes.  There will be challenge and conflict, two sides at odds with one another and many annoying details to be ironed out before the new 5D paradigm can fully take hold.  But this is a card which brings to us a positive message of exciting shifts and great promise.  To quote my Team-member, whose voice I heard as I studied the imagery, “Expect personal and Global transformation.”

~ I’m more than ready!  Are you?

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