conversations with my twin flameFor some time now I’ve had these conversations with my Twin Flame. He is not incarnated with me, he lives in the higher realms, except that he is not at home now, he is with me and always has been throughout my entire incarnation. I decided to blog some of our conversations because they contain much wisdom and inspiration. This morning I woke up to the noise of a busy city and felt immediately frustrated. Then I heard him say:

There is power in the stillness.

You mean “there is power in the stillness of the mind”?

Yes, that too. But I don’t want you to still your mind. I want you to BE still and think what you are doing. You’re not a human do-ing. You’re a human BE-ing. Allow yourself to BE.

Be what?

Be Love.

How can I be love?

By being in the vibration of love.

How can I get into the vibration of love?

By asking the energy of love to fill you with its vibration. It’s simple. Just ask.

Just ask?

Yes. Say “I ask the Power of Divine Love to fill me now”. Then allow yourself to feel the blissful energy of this vibration.

And it will stay with me the whole day?

It will. Unless it does not.

What do you mean?

If you get into one of your moods, it will evaporate.

Just like that! It will immediately evaporate?

No, not immediately. It will give you a little time to decide if you want to embrace your foul mood or if you want to continue embracing the blissful energy of love.

So I can stay in the energy of love by deciding to.

Yes you can. Its all you. Only you.

What if I don’t want it to be me. What if I want it to be you.

What do you mean?

What if I want it to be YOU.

Oh you mean its up to me?

Yes YOU.

Oh YOU. Yes I see what you mean. [Lol]

It’s YOU. Only YOU.


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