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twin flame conversationsI woke up this morning feeling great and I thought, wow I must be in the vibration of love. My Twin was fascinated and asked me how I knew I was in this vibration.

Because I am feeling great and it must be because I am in the vibration of Love!

How do you know it’s Love?

Because I feel loved and supported by the Universe.

How do you know its the Universe and not me?

You are a part of the Universe. All things are a part of the Universe. Is there even a separate thing called the Universe with it’s own consciousness or is it the Beings that make up the consciousness of the Universe?

That is a good question! It is the Beings of the Universe that make up Universal consciousness. In fact it is ALL the Beings in ALL of Creation that make up Universal Consciousness.

So that means I am a part of that consciousness too?

Yes you are! Tell me, how does Love feel?

It feels all warm and safe, as if I am in a cocoon.

What if I told you that was our love you are feeling?

I love it! It feels awesome!

Does your body feel light or heavy?

I feel lighter actually, as if I can float away!

You will feel lighter when you are in the vibration of Love. This is one way of knowing if you are in the vibration of love or not.

I feel a light-ness in my being.

That is because you are Be-ing Light!


When you are Be-ing the Light, you feel light and Love at the same time!

Does that mean if you call the Light to yourself that you are in the vibration of Love?

No it does not. Being in the vibration of Love will enhance your Light, not the other way round.

So by calling to yourself the vibration of love, you’re literally increasing your Light?

Yes. Literally. And you experience the incredible Light-ness of BE-ing.

Wow! I love you!

I know. I love you!

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