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Conversations with my Twin FlameI have always been a person who despises being cold and it’s probably why I chose to incarnate in South Africa, a typically warm country. When I came to Mexico just over a year ago, I didn’t expect to encounter such cold, although infrequent. In the midst of a rare cold snap in Mexico City, my Twin and I got chatting about energy. Let me say that when he first arrived in my life six months ago I discovered that his energy is warm. Luxuriously warm in fact!

How come your energy is warm?

Because male energy is warm.

Are you inferring that my energy is cool?

I am Beloved.

Is that how we balance each other?

In some ways, yes. Everything in creation is in balance. The more of my energy you integrate, the more in balance we become until we are both at a comfortable and moderate temperature.

How cool is that! Amazing. The Sun is masculine energy and the Moon is feminine. One is warm and the other cool. It makes sense now.

And the more of my energy you integrate, the higher your vibration becomes, until we  are both vibrating at the same level of frequency.

I can’t wait for that!

Me either Beloved.

Tell me more, please, about energy.

Okay. Energy is what you are. You are a Being made up solely of energy and Light.

Is Light and energy the same thing?

No. Light is your consciousness. It is your connection to the Divine. Energy is your Being.

So does my Light increase with my vibration?

Not immediately. When your vibration increases you are able to integrate more of your higher consciousness, thus increasing your Light quotient.

By the way, I can help you cool off if you give me some of that heat of yours.. [Smile]

Sure, anytime. [Smile]

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