zsoulmatesI didn’t get as much sleep as anticipated last night and I woke up this morning feeling very jittery and uncomfortable. I prayed for peace and calm to enter my being and immediately felt the uncomfortable feeling dissipate. I knew the Peace and Calm had come from my Twin.

Where did that discomfort come from?

It was from the energies of the Equinox. They are very strong and I helped your body to integrate them.

Thank you! I feel so much better now. [Smile]

Good, I am happy! Tell me, how did you sleep?

Very well thanks! And you?

[Smile] I do not sleep, you know that.

Yes I do.

Let’s talk about the Equinox shall we?


The Devas told you in the message you channeled last night that many Starseeds will return home on the energies of this Equinox. I want to elaborate on that.

Okay, good.

Many misunderstand what the term ‘Starseed’ actually means. A Starseed is a higher dimensional being who has specifically come to this Planet in order to assist Gaia and her inhabitants ascend into the 5th Dimension of consciousness.

So what then is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is an awakened being who is consciously or unconsciously anchoring Light into the Earth’s grid.

And what do Starseeds do?

They also anchor Light, but they have the potential to ground a lot more than the average Lightworker. A Starseed also has a mission to accomplish on the Planet together with their Twin Flame. This mission has been contractually agreed upon by both parties prior to the Starseed’s incarnation.

So we are talking here about a Twin Flame that is not on Earth at this time?

Yes we are. I told you before that it is very rare for both Twin Flames to incarnate at the same time. If that happens it is for a very special purpose, one specifically agreed upon by both Twins.

So these incarnated Twins have contractually agreed to meet up in this lifetime?

Not necessarily. Some may never meet. It depends on what has been contractually agreed upon prior to their incarnation.

Why are we talking about this now?

Because there is a lot of confusion as to what Starseeds are and the role that Twin Flames are playing at this time.

That is true, especially about Twin Flames. So what does the Equinox have to do with Twin Flames?

Good question Beloved! The Equinox is providing a gateway of energies that are allowing the merging of Starseeds with their unincarnated Twin Flames. Soon both Twins will be able to go to work on their missions together.

Why do they have to merge first?

The merging of their energies will enable the Starseed to work as a multi-dimensional Being, thus having all of their capabilities once more available to them.

So they can accomplish a lot more in a shorter space of time…


The message from the Devas of the Crystal Kingdom was so awesome. I felt their energy and their love for us greatly.

Yes, it’s the first time they have channeled through you and I am very happy for you my Love.

They are not well known.

No they are not, but they play a huge role in the grand scheme of things.. [Smile]

I feel we have not yet understood the power of Crystals in this Realm.

That is correct Beloved. All of that is soon to change! [Smile]

I cannot wait for that, and I am looking forward to being instrumental in that change. [Smile]


We’re working together on these projects right?

Yes we are!

I am going to love working with you.

Me too Beloved!

What are we going to do after Planet Earth is fully ascended and free?

Have babies my Love! Lots of them! [Lol]

YES! I knew it!!! [Lol]

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