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Transformational power of loveI am happy today to give you a short message through my grounded One. She has brought me so much Joy throughout her journey here on Planet Earth. I am Ária, a Being from the Angelic Realm. I am a healer and metaphysician and my grounded One will soon have all of my higher dimensional capabilities once she has fully merged with my Consciousness and her Twin Flame.

The message I wish to bring to you today is about the healing and transformational power of Love. Beloved Beings of Light, all you need to transform your current reality is Love, nothing more and nothing less. Do not give of your energy to that which you are seeing around you, but rather send it your unconditional love. Love has great power and you are yet to discover this Power.

That is all for today. You are all powerful Beings of Light and we hold you in Our Hearts.

I AM Ária.

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