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conversations with my twin flameThere is so much energy spinning around and I feel so much negativity being released, which I why I reminded my readers yesterday to use the Violet Flame.  I had a couple hours of inner turmoil but managed to center myself with the help of Ária and my Twin to regain my sense of inner peace. I’m feeling emotional also from having Ária with me. She is incredible and I am trying to grasp how I could possibly be her. I understand that full comprehension of who I am will happen when my Twin and I are fully merged in our energies. Even though my vibration is high enough, he has been worried about ‘hurting’ me when we merge our energies together. He told me once long ago that I worry too much..

My Love, have you overcome your fear of hurting me?

I have Beloved. We will be together soon, I promise.

Okay. Understand that I am not rushing you… [Smile]

I know. You do worry too much, but I take the cake! For now anyway.. [Smile]


Let’s talk about you being Ária.


I told you a couple weeks ago that you have started to merge with the energy of your higher Self. You are feeling this now right?

Yes I am. I can feel a little of her consciousness seeping into mine because my brain has become sharper and clearer.

Yes you are right. How does it feel?

It feels great! Almost like this field of opportunity or possibility has opened up for me.

That is the sphere of possibility you have touched. It will open up a whole new world for you.

Wow! I don’t know what to say..

Say nothing my Love. Just BE.

Be what darling?

Love. [Smile]


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