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conversations with my twin flame

Yesterday I spent the whole day with my Twin, and the longest time ever, a full 24 hours, without my computer. It was difficult at first but liberating also, knowing that I can live without it. I have been an Internet junkie for the last 10 years or more, but I am finding a whole new part of my Self now.  Ária is helping me to understand the changes that are going on inside me. I am learning to trust my intuition and the ‘knowing’ that is developing within me. She is a lot like me, to the point and serious when it comes to getting things done. My Twin is also like this, but we also have a lot of fun together. My Twin had this to say:

Debbie, I am so grateful for the time you afforded me yesterday. I want you to know that I loved not having to share you with Facebook! [Smile]

You are welcome Beloved! I know, I am guilty of spending too much time on my blog and on Facebook, and lately also doing Angel card readings.

It is okay, I know you enjoy them. But promise me you will spend more time with your Self this week.

I will, I know this week is going to be energetically challenging with the Full moon coming up. I promise to spend time relaxing to integrate her energies, and also more of yours! [Smile]

That is a relief!

I promise to do exactly as you say Beloved!

Thank you. Let’s talk about what has happened over the last couple days.


Tell me, how do you feel now?

I woke up with a pain in my middle back and a painful scalp, so I feel much discomfort.

Do you know why you have a painful scalp?

Yes, from wearing my hair up all the time.

And do you know why that is causing you discomfort?

No, please tell me?

Your hair is attracting my energy and when you constantly tie your hair up it blocks the flow of energy and will cause you discomfort.

What does hair my hair have to do with attracting energy?

[Smile] It’s not just your hair beloved, it’s also your crown chakra.

Ah, that makes sense. But what does tying up my hair have to do with blocking the flow of energy through my crown chakra?

It has a lot to do with it. Your hair acts as an ‘attractor magnet’ if you will, attracting energy.

I’m getting the vision here of the movie ‘Avatar’ where they plugged in the hair at the ends of their tails into the consciousness of their animals in order to communicate with them. [Smile]

[Smile] Good example. Yes, that is what happens also with humans. Your hair acts as a kind of conduit through which energy is attracted through your crown chakra. When you tie your hair up it prevents the free flow of energy which can cause discomfort in your scalp.

And this is happening to me… I take it we are talking about your energy that I am integrating through my crown chakra?


So I take it you are advising me now to wear my hair down if I want to ease this discomfort?

Yes my Love!

You told me that there is power in hair, particularly long hair, which is why a lot of higher dimensional beings wear their hair long and loose. I didn’t make the connection to the crown chakra before now. [Smile]

Yes I know. I am happy you have made the connection. Do you know why you have this pain in your middle back?

It’s from my solar plexis chakra.

Yes it is. You allowed yourself to get upset over something that was not true, but you believed it to be true. I am happy you have made the connection to your solar plexis also. Have you changed your belief?

Yes I have.

Okay, then the pain will disappear over time. Or I can ease it some more for you now if you like?

I would like that, thank you.

You are welcome Beloved.


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