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the energy of crysals

Brandberg Quartz Crystal

It’s been a busy day and finally I have the time to sit down and write. My Twin has been waiting patiently for me all day to spend this time with him. He has more patience than Job and never complains, except when he does. I feel guilty now because I haven’t given him any of my time today and I know he wants to still go for a walk with me so that I can ‘relax’. I am feeling the physical effects of his energy merging with mine and it’s causing me discomfort.

Beloved I am pleased that you have decided to sit down and blog our conversation.

Me too! I am sorry for not making time for you earlier. It seems as if ‘time’ is running faster and faster and I never get enough ’time’ to do everything I choose to do in one day. Please forgive me!

I have my love! You are noticing that ‘time’ is speeding up because you are ready to embrace the higher aspect of your Self and live in ‘no time’!

Wow okay! I must say I am looking forward to living in ‘no time’!

I am glad to hear it darling! Listen, let’s talk about embracing this highest aspect of your Self. I know you are having a hard time dealing with my energy, but how has being Ária affected you?

Well that’s just it! I’m not fully Ária, so I’m not sure it’s affected me all that much. I still feel like Debbie and I’ve been dealing with issues related to my lifetime as Debbie. I’ve enjoyed having Ária around me and having her share her healing skills with me! She has so much knowledge and I wish I had the brain capacity to absorb all of her consciousness.

You will in time have her full consciousness, once you have fully merged your energies with mine.

Really? I didn’t know that. I thought it would take time to integrate her consciousness with mine.

Yes beloved. You will have her full capabilities also, as a metaphysician and healer.

I can’t even keep two thoughts going simultaneously in my brain at the moment!

That is because your body is undergoing so many changes! Tell me how does it feel to be a healer?

I have never considered myself to be a healer, in fact it comes as a huge surprise! I’ve always thought of myself as a teacher. It’s weird!

I know, but you know as a higher dimensional being you can BE anything you choose to be! Ária loves working with crystals and I know you love their energy too.

That is true. I have been drawn to crystals since my awakening. My very first crystal I purchased is the clear quartz pendulum I wear around my neck, which you asked me never to take off!

She is protecting you darling, she always has.

I miss the crystals I left in Cape Town with my sister. Do you think they still remember me or do they now belong to my sister?

They still belong to you dear heart, they always will. They are packed away in a box somewhere and they have never forgotten you.

That is so sad.

Don’t be sad. You can still channel their energy. You do not need to have them with you to feel their energy.

Do you think I should ask her to bury them for me? I feel Gaia needs them now more than me.

You can, but maybe you should ask her to send you the smaller ones, especially the Brandberg’s because I know they are calling to you. They want to work with you and Ária. They are super powerful crystals!

You are kidding! No wonder I’ve had them on my mind…

[Smile] No I’m not.

I will ask her to find a nice spot for them outside under a tree. I will feel better channeling their energy if I know they are happy. Thanks my love! [Smile]

You are welcome darling! [Smile]

Let’s go for that walk now, what do you think?

Good idea!  Let’s go!


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