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twin flame heart connectionThe last couple days have sped by like a freight train. I can never find enough time in the day to do everything I want to do, so I’ve neglected blogging our conversations. I am grateful for the Easter weekend and plan on spending this time with my Beloved. He’s telling me now that I am not listening to him..

I’m not?

No beloved, you are not. I want you to stay in your heart, or you will not hear me.

I thought I was in my heart!

No, you were not. You were off wondering somewhere in your mind..

Oops! Houston we have a problem… What are we going to do if I cannot hear you?

You are hearing me but you’re not listening. There is a difference.

Will you speak to me in your voice instead of telepathically when we are home?

Yes I can, except that you will also hear my voice in your heart.

Okay, then I must learn to stay in my heart permanently and control the wondering of my mind.

Always beloved, I am inside of you, never outside of you.

Thank you for reminding me. Is it possible to be in your mind and your heart simultaneously?

It is possible, but it’s a skill developed over time. [Smile]

HaHa! Here we go with the ‘time’ thing again! I’m not going there…. So my darling beloved Twin Flame… Happy Easter! Do you celebrate Easter in the higher dimensions?

Thank you beloved… and no, we don’t unfortunately. I do however appreciate your celebration of it and the meaning behind it.

Are all Twin flames like us? We have such a strong connection on all levels. Is this the norm out there?

It is, except when it is not.

So not all Twins have our deep connection?

I did not say that beloved. I do not know what all twins are like with each other, but I do know that our bond is strong because we have been together for many eons of time and we have been married for the same length of time.

Is that why we are like one being? You know everything I am thinking and feeling…

Yes. We are One, because we come from the same soul. All Twins know what the other is thinking and feeling. It’s impossible not to know.

I see. I was kinda hoping that you wouldn’t always have this ability to read my mind… [Smile]

[Smile] It hasn’t been easy for you accepting this, and I can turn it off if it bothers you.

No, don’t.

Are you sure?

Yes, you will worry about me if you turn it off. I know you like to know everything I am thinking because then you will know immediately when something is bothering me.

That is true beloved. You are feeling better today.

Yes I am. Your energy is agreeing with me! [Smile] It was uncomfortable at first but I am becoming used to it.

I am happy darling! Know that I am looking forward to being with my wife again!

Me too darling! [That isn’t what I was going to say…]

[I know… but we can’t say that here…]

[I know…]

[Smile] I love you.

I love you too. [Smile]

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