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conversations with my twin flameMy Beloved Twin loves to play pranks on me. He’s the joker in our family for sure! Although he is disagreeing with me now, because he wants me to tell you the opposite is true! If I am the joker in the family it’s because he is also. Let’s face it, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

I received some inspirational message in the early hours this morning. This usually happens around 2 – 3am. I call it my magic hour! I’ve started using these messages on images which I’m posting on my Facebook page.

Good morning Sunshine!

Good morning Darling! How are you today?

I am very well thank you. How are you?

I am well also, thank you.

You’re very quiet. What are you doing?

Nothing my Love. I’m enjoying the Silence.

Mmmm. [Sunday morning is a treasure in Mexico City] I’ll enjoy the silence with you. [Except that he now starts talking…]

Let me ask you something.. You know Creator spoke to you this morning right?

Not sure, why?

He gave you a message for an image to put on your FB page.

Oh, I’ve just put the message on an image and posted it to FB! Are you sure it came from Creator? Does he want me to say the messages are from him?

[Smile] It doesn’t matter if you say or not. He wants you to know he is placing his energy in the images and all who read them will be empowered.

Are you serious??

[Lol] You are so gullible Darling!

Omg! Do you know that my Father knows everything and he knows how you joke around with me!

[Lol] I am serious! It was Creator! Did you not know it was from him?

I’m not sure now, thanks to you! It doesn’t matter anyway..[Smile]

It did come from Creator Beloved! He loves your Facebook page and your blog and he wants to give you messages to put on your images for your page.

Mmmm…so you said. He would have told me himself if this was true. It doesn’t matter where they come from anyway. I like the messages and I’ll continue to use them.

[Smile] Good!

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