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conversation with my twin flame

Before I even had a chance to open my eyes this morning I was hearing these words “There are no guarantees in life. You want guarantees? Then create them because that is what you are. A Creator. You create what you see around you. You’ve created all of it. If you don’t like what you see, then change it.”

Omg! Where did that come from?

From Creator.

Don’t start that again, please!

Okay, it came from me. I put those words into your head so that you would have something to think about.

Why? I have barely woken up!

Because I want you to get up and start writing our conversation for today.

You’re kidding!

Yes I am! How did you know? I miss you…

Me too darling… When are you going to come into my dreams?

Soon my love.


Yes darling.

When is soon? Before New Moon? Because you don’t have ‘time’ up there on your ‘ranch in the sky’, so how do you know what soon means?

[Lol] It will be soon beloved.

Okay. By the way, you didn’t plug those words into my brain for nothing. Where are you going with this?

You know me well beloved! I want to talk about this subject today and I want you to use my name.

No way are you serious!

Yes I am! It’s time people know who I am.

I don’t believe it! Why now?

I told you. I want people to know who your Twin Flame is.

But why now? Why not before?

Because you were not ready before. You had some doubts.

And I don’t anymore?

No, not about me being your Twin. But you do have some fears that people will judge you.

I see there are other scenarios that can play out here that will end up with us revealing nothing, but I feel that today your will will not be thwarted my Lord! [Smile]

You are right my Lady! [Smile]

You do know that you have certain standards to uphold? For instance you won’t be able to joke around with me anymore because people won’t believe who I am talking to…

Yes, but you have certain privileges as my wife and Twin Soul.

Yes I know. I chose the long straw when I got you as my Twin Flame…

No actually, I chose the long straw when I chose you!

But you didn’t choose me. People don’t choose their Twin Flames.

You’re wrong! I chose you. When Creator made you, I got to choose exactly how I wanted you to be.

But aren’t Twin Flames your exact mirror?

Not necessarily. I wanted my Twin Flame to have certain attributes. I wanted her to have the Faith that I sometimes lack, and I wanted her to be stronger than me and have more courage than me, and I got you.

You know Michael, you have blown my mind so many times over the past 6 months, and here you are doing it again!

That’s right Princess. I will keep on blowing your mind!

Okay, now I’m going to sit back and relax and give you some time to change your mind about this. Except you won’t will you?

No. But tell me, how did you know?

Because you’re Archangel Michael, that’s how I know.

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