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Dawn is breaking over Mexico City. The half- moon hangs in a perfectly clear light sapphire blue sky and the birds are chattering up a chorus in the trees nearby. What bliss! I feel good this morning! I’ve blanketed the whole city in the Violet Flame transmuting all negative vibes into pure unconditional divine love. I’ve grounded and protected myself as well and I’m ready to spend some quality time with my beloved Twin.

Good morning Beloved!

Good morning my Precious Love!

I’m beginning to think this is all a dream… Am I really talking to you or am I talking to myself?

You are talking to me Beloved, but also to your Self.

But we are separate beings, are we not?

We are also one being.

How can we be one being?

Because we are also the One.

So by loving you, I am loving myself?

Yes, by loving me, you are loving yourself, and loving the One, the All That Is.

I’m beginning to see the big picture here…… It all starts with us?

Yes, it all starts with us, then expands out to everyone and everything.

So when we are in Divine union with each other we are in Divine Union with the One?

Yes, we are in Divine Union with All That Is.

So when everyone and everything is in Divine Union then we are all in perfect Oneness? And there is no thing left to Be?

Yes, that is correct. Except that we are growing and expanding into new ways of Be-ing.

And we do that by incarnating?


There was a time that I resented my incarnation, because I felt cut off and isolated from you. Especially since I could not remember you or my true Self. I didn’t think of my incarnation as a gift, instead I thought of it as a curse.

I know, but it is a gift Beloved. It is through incarnating that we grow and expand our consciousness.

I know, but it is worth the pain of separation that we have felt?

Yes, it is ultimately. I know it’s difficult to comprehend this now, but you will see when your incarnation is over, that is truly was a gift to both of us.

Okay, I trust you. I know we will look back over the hologram together one day and have a good laugh at some of the things I have done, never mind some of the thoughts I had roaming about in my head! [Smile]

Yes, you are right darling! [Smile] You have brought me much joy! I am happy now that you are integrating more of Ária’s consciousness. Soon you will become independent and no longer need me..

No way, I am always going to need you!

Are you sure?

I’m sure darling!

I’m joking with you Beloved! [Smile]

Yes I know! [Smile] Michael?

Yes darling?

I love you..

I know my beloved Twin, I love you too..

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