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Hello to a foggy Mexico City! I didn’t sleep so well last night and as usual when I want answers, I ask Michael.

Good morning beloved!

Good morning my Love! I know… you want to know why you slept so badly.

Yes please…

You are integrating my energy beloved, and it is unsettling you.

Okay, well that explains it, thanks.

You are welcome beloved. I know you are tired, but I am giving you my strength to help you get through the day.

Thank you my darling!

You are welcome beloved. Let’s talk about the illusion of evil shall we?

Yes, please!

I know that you know this because you often quote these words “Love is all there is”.

I do, yes. Yet I allowed myself late last year to believe that evil does exist. I know from reading the teachings in the Conversations with God books, that the devil and satan do not exist. And you also said to Steven Cook in the In Light Radio show in December last year that Lucifer is at home with you. So why then did I allow myself to believe that evil exists?

Because my precious love, evil can exist in your mind, if you allow it to. You are living in duality here on the Earth realm and therefore the opposite exists in all things. This is the beauty of duality. It allows you to experience something that is not real.

But it felt so real!

I know my love, but illusions do appear real.

I know. One of my favorite sayings also is “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”. I love that!

That is true wisdom.

So then how come some people appear ‘dark’?

I am glad you put the word in quotes. The dark only exists where there is little or no Light. That does not mean that they are evil. Rather that they have lost their way back into the Light.

So we should be sending them Light.

Yes beloved. Light is the only thing that will clear out the remaining darkness on your Planet. All of you are shining so brightly that it is only a matter of time before every little nook and cranny of your Planet is filled with glorious Light!

But Michael, we are led to believe that evil is so real! Even you are depicted as carrying a sword to protect us from this evil!

Sadly yes, you are right. Earth humans have portrayed me this way because it is how they perceive me to be. I am not a warrior, I am a lover of all things and I do not carry a sword because that would mean I am ready to do battle and fight. It would mean I am a Being of something other than Love, which I am not.

I read on a new website I found the other day that you do not carry a sword and it makes sense to me now, knowing you as I do.  I will be adding to the information I found and posting it on my blog soon because it shows Archangels in a different light, which you told me is more accurate than what we have been led to believe up to now.

Yes, I led you to that website. Nothing is coincidence.

I know, thank you for that. Can people still call on you for protection?

Yes they can. This is what I love to do. I let people feel protected, safe and loved. I also protect people from their fears and other illusions. I have protected you from the illusion of evil.

Yes I know. I called on you to protect me from demons.

Yes, and I protected you didn’t I?

Yes, you did. I felt myself being instantly carried away from the darkness in my dream. The next day I found a feather next to my bed and I knew it was from you!

[Smile] It was beloved!

[Smile] I love that feather! And I love you! Thank you so much!

[Smile] I love you too darling!

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