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i-still-love-youThis morning I awoke again with adrenaline rushing through my body. At first I didn’t know it was adrenalin, but then I heard (felt) the word enter my consciousness. When this happens Michael tells me to give him my hands, and then I feel my physical body calming down as the adrenaline slows down. I remember part of a dream, of being in a hospital with a very tiny baby, a preemie maybe, I’m not sure. The little soul had tubes in its tiny body and I was sad to say goodbye. I asked one of the nurses to take good care of him because I was leaving.

Michael, I remember part of this dream, a really weird dream…

Yes I know, beloved. You asked to remember your dreams remember?

I did, yes. But what was I doing in a hospital?

You were called by the little soul, he needed your help.

I don’t even like hospitals, but for some reason this hospital didn’t freak me out. I’m just remembering another dream with a hospital a few weeks back… OMG, and that dream did freak me out! But you didn’t tell me what was going on because I didn’t ask you then, but I am now! Please tell me what is going on…

You are working with Ária. You are Ária actually, but I know you are still finding this information difficult to comprehend.

But I don’t feel like her! I don’t feel like a healer!

I know Beloved, but you are becoming her as you integrate more of her consciousness with the help of my energy.

And these night travels must be why I am waking up with adrenaline rushing through my body and why I am always so exhausted during the day.

Yes, you are correct my love. [Smile]

By the way, how did the little soul know to call me?

You as Ária have made an agreement with the little soul before it’s incarnation to call on you if needed.

It’s higher consciousness, you mean?

Yes, that is correct.

It’s weird that I cannot remember being Ária, but I remember you… Why is that?

Because we have a great and unconditional love that binds us together my love! [Smile]

The Twin Flame bond, yes. And of course we are also Twin Souls. [Smile]

We are beloved. [Smile]

This is confusing for me… Being or rather becoming Ária, I mean. I feel the message from Creator this morning was directed at me!

[Smile] Yes, you could say that…. Don’t let yourself be alarmed by becoming Ária. You will understand more in time. As the message said, you will never be less than what you are now.

I understand now also why it is so important to stay in your heart, because if I let myself think about this, my ego is going to have a field day trying to convince me I am losing my mind!!

[Smile] You are right beloved! I’ve been telling you for months to stay in your heart.

[Smile] Thank you my precious love!!

You are welcome beloved! [Smile]

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