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It’s been a crazy day and the intense energy from the New Moon hasn’t made it any easier. Today’s conversation is rather personal, but I’ve decided to share it anyway. I’ve had to make a decision to leave Mexico and go back to my home in South Africa to be with my elderly Mother. I have delayed going back because I’ve been afraid of losing the independent life I’ve made for myself here in Mexico. Michael addresses my fears.

Tell me what else you are afraid of my love.

I don’t want to lose you.

That is not going to happen. What else?

I don’t want to lose myself.

I won’t let that happen either. Anything else?

What if I can’t handle all their negativity and become miserable and depressed?

That is not going to happen either. I won’t let it. Trust me okay?

I do, I’m sorry. They don’t understand me. They don’t understand my beliefs and they don’t respect them. They don’t believe I can talk to angels…

I know beloved. But it does not matter what they believe. It does not change who you are.

I know. I guess it has been bothering me that I should go back when I don’t really want to. But if I don’t I feel I will regret it. I know my Mother will not be here in the Earth realm much longer. She misses me so much and I feel so guilty that I am not there with her.

Yes I know. Your purpose in going back is two-fold my love.

What do you mean Michael?

You being there will make her very happy. But there is something else. She needs you to help her pass over.

I helped my Father all those years ago when he passed, but I did not expect you to say I will help my Mother now.

You will beloved. She has been holding on to see you again, but she is also holding on because she is afraid to let go.

After my Father passed I became interested in helping those that are about to pass over understand ‘death’, but that did not last. It’s too sad.

What is sad darling?

The family of those passing do not understand either, and that is sad. I’ve always believed death should be celebrated, but I dared not say so.

You haven’t always believed that.

No, you are right. The Conversations with God books helped me to understand that death does not exist. The books helped me to understand we are eternal beings and all death is, is a transition from one form into another. In a sense, we have been on ‘holiday’ here in the Earth realm and when we die, we leave to go back home.

[Smile] That is a good way of explaining death.

Michael, how can we help people understand this?

That will happen with the raising of consciousness. People will realize that death is part of the illusion.

Yes they will. Anyway I’ve decided I am not going to hide who I am when I go back to South Africa. I will still talk to you and laugh with you! [I have a habit of talking out loud to Michael!]

You will?

Yes darling! They will feel my joy and the love that surrounds me.

They will think you are insane… [Grin]

Yes I know, but I don’t care. In fact I think I will let you talk to my Mother on my TAUK board!

No way!

Yes way! I think it will help her to understand. I will explain how you move my pendulum with your energy.

Are you sure?

Yes darling! I am also going to tell her who you are and explain that you are my husband. [Smile]

In that case I am relieved! [Smile]

I am happy that you are relieved darling! [Smile]

You know what Debbie?

What my love?

You amaze me more every day!

Really? [Smile]

Yes my love, and I am so proud of you! [Smile]

Thank you beloved! I have had an awesome teacher…. [Smile]


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