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sm-lost-at-sea-72In the past 2 days I have been dealing with surfacing negative emotions from this lifetime that I had buried deep in my sub-conscious mind. I’ve also had some negative emotions around my incarnation in general and although I am struggling to see the ‘gift’ in all that I have experienced, I am prepared to trust that it will be shown to me when I am ready to see it. Thanks to the overwhelming love and support of my Twin, my team of guides, the Crystal Devas and Creator, I am ready once more to continue on this journey.

I am relieved you are feeling so much better today my love and my Light.

So am I. For a while there I felt I had lost anchor and was lost out at sea.

I know, and I couldn’t do anything to help you find your way back except send you my love.

Thank you for your love and your Light, and for staying with me.

I have always been with you. Now and forever.

I know. Even in my darkest moment, you have never left me.


Yes my love?

I have never loved you more than I love you now and I promise I will show you the gift your incarnation has brought you, and us as husband and wife.

I know you will beloved, thank you.

You are welcome darling. I know also that you have chosen not to review any past lifetime experiences now and I want you to know that I respect that wish and so does Ária.

Thank you, I appreciate that.

You know that as your vibration continues to rise you will dealing with the surfacing emotions of those past lifetime experiences?

Yes I know, you have explained that to me. But the Platinum Light will help me get through that right?

Yes it will beloved.

Good, the Light is helping me to stay strong.

I know beloved. It is a powerful ally for you at this time. Know also that you are never alone, you are always supported and dearly loved.

I know, I felt that love so strongly over the last couple days. It helped me find my way back. I’ve learned one thing from this experience.

What is that beloved?

That incarnating is not for the faint-hearted! All who are here are here because of their strength and absolute courage to push forward and never give up, no matter what.

You are right. You were always stronger than me.

That is not true! You have lived through every experience with me, felt every emotion with me and heard every word I have spoken!

Yes I know, but it was your incarnation, not mine.

You’re teasing me surely!

[Smile] Yes I am darling! We have never done anything apart, we are a team, you and I, and a good one at at that.

[Smile] Yes I am beginning to see that. I used to joke with you and tell you we should have hip surgery to join us together, remember?

[Smile] Yes I remember woman! That was funny! We are always together, and we forever shall be.

I am ready to go home now Michael..

I know beloved. It will be soon, I promise.

Good. I am ready for this incarnation to be over.

So am I my love.

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