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✎ Today’s message is all about the children.  It’s about loving and cherishing the children in our lives, and also about getting in touch with your very own inner child.  Life can be far too serious at times.  We worry, we plan, we strive to “get the job done.”  But is it ever really done?  Without the laughter and carefree abandon of children, it’s highly likely that we adults would never take a break!  We would just go on and on, doing the same things over and over again, focusing on the outcome instead of the process-instead of relishing the now.  Children live in the now.  Fresh from the other side, they are still aware that the only moment that exists at all is the one we are experiencing at this very millisecond of time.  This moment is reality and it’s all that is important. They only stress when the adults give them something to be stressed about.  They only compete because we teach them that they have to “win” at all costs.  They eat junk food and drink soda because we give it to them.  They only get sick because our society teaches them that sickness is a viable threat, and they only fear because they’ve been taught that the world is a really, really scary place.

♬ It’s time that we all-the Human Race in it’s entirety-begin reevaluating what it is we’re actually teaching our children.  Do we honestly want to extinguish the brilliant fire they arrived with, that gleaming light of hope for our planet?  It’s so important for us to give them the space and the freedom to express themselves, and we must permit them to retain and share their clear recollections of who they are.  To be joy, because joy is infectious.  And as we allow them that freedom, we also extend that same courtesy to ourselves.  When we’ve spent any time at all interacting with children, we change.  It’s as if we’ve dug down deep and unearthed our hidden inner child.  We may not have seen her for awhile, but trust me…she (or he) is in there somewhere!  When was the last time you did what the children do, and just went out and had fun?  I’m talking about fun without the expectation of winning.  Fun for the sake of having fun.  Instead of sitting on a bench and watching the kids play ball, get out there and play with them.  Join the tea-party.  Play dress-up.  Dig into the playdough, build a city out of Legos or whip up some haute cuisine in the Easy Bake Oven.  Just stop working for a little while and play with your kids!

❁ The Dolphins teach us that we cannot thrive without play.  We must have periods of lighthearted irresponsibilty to survive.  They are constantly cautioning us to slow down and take a breakIt is the intensity and seriousness of our daily lives that are making us fall prey to the illusion of illness.  We were never meant to live this way, as we were designed to be creators of our own reality, to love and be happy.  Everything about the way we live right now goes so strongly against the grain.  Yes, the world is changing.  But it’s not going to happen overnight and it is our job to stay alive and well and healthy to see to it that those changes are made.  The children are here to help us do that.  They are here as reminders not of what we were but of we are to become.  Or rather, of the way we should be now.  Today.  At this very moment in time.

✂The sweet Angel Rosetta, who appears on this card from the “Messages From Your Angels” deck, tells us that we all possess the natural skills to guide the brave and brilliant new souls who are arriving on our planet every day.   So if you have children in your life, honor them.  Cherish their presence and learn everything you can from them.  Be grateful to God for sending them to you.  No matter how busy you are, make time for them and have fun while you do it.  Be as much a blessing to them as they are to you.


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