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We have noticed, and would speak for a moment, about a very gratifying development.  More and more in these recent days, ideas which were introduced by this channel and others are being accepted and spoken of by others.  This, of course, is the whole purpose of our communications, and it both makes those of us doing the communicating happy, and bodes very well for the increasing progress toward your goals.

Ideas, like precious seeds, must be planted, nurtured, and cared for carefully until they become strong enough to thrive, and that has happened, though you may not notice in your day to day rushing about.  This is true over your entire globe, also, and not just in the few places which read and speak your particular language, whatever that may be.

And since we have mentioned it, your rushing about is becoming a bit less hectic, as well.  All this meditating and walking in nature is having a wonderful effect upon you, is it not?  You see, when you are doing that, you are, as you say, unplugged.  And not only are you benefitting from the higher and more peaceful energies, but you have withdrawn your own energies from the support of the old.  You are plugging in to the building of the new.

Every single time one of you does this, a cause is made and an effect is created.  Every time you do this you become just that much more sensitive and able to feel the change in yourselves and your surroundings.  Every thought of peace, of abundance, of joy, of freedom, of love, is a pebble laid upon the growing mountain of intent.  Multiply this in your imagination by the millions of you who are now awakening and you will see the new world you desire rising before your eyes.  Truly it is an amazing sight to behold.  You are an amazing sight to behold.  And those of you who have already begun to contact your guides and teachers are being apprised of that fact if you will allow such into your consciousness.

We wish you to discover your own worth, your own worthiness, your deservedness, and make it your own, own it as you say.  You have been taught otherwise long enough.  You have believed otherwise long enough.  Seek that wondrous you within now.  It is no longer so deeply buried.

We move ever closer to you now as your energies rise to meet us.  Be in joy and peace.  We will speak further.  Good day.

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