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edgeToday I am standing at the top of the cliff and I am being asked to take a leap of Faith and trust that when I do, I will be given the wings to fly. My question is how do I develop that kind of trust? I turned to my all time favorite book “Friendship with God” and this is the message I received:

How can I learn to have trust in the Universe that it will provide what I need?

By not having to trust! If the Universe does not need anything from you, does it need to trust you?

No. But how can I get to a place of not needing anything from the Universe?

By realizing that whatever you need is already yours.  That before you even ask, it would have answered. Therefore asking is not even necessary.

Then why am I asking in the first place?

Because you do not know you already have it. It is a matter of perception.

So if I think I need something, then I do?

Yes, you will think that you do.

So I must change must change my perception from one of needing something, to one of not needing anything?

Yes. And this is why Faith is so powerful.  If you have Faith that all your needs will be met, then technically, you have no needs at all. And this is the truth, of course, and it will become your experience, and so your Faith will be “justified’’. Yet all you would have done is change your perception.

So I should expect nothing?

Something like that yes. The true Master lives outside the space of expectation. He expects nothing and desires nothing more than what “shows up”.


Because he already knows he has everything. And so he happily accepts whatever part of Everything shows up in any particular moment. He knows that it is all perfect, that life is perfection, playing itself out. Under these circumstances, trust is not required.

So “trust” becomes “knowing”.

Yes. There are 3 levels of awareness around everything. These are: hope, belief and knowing. When you have a “hope” about something you are wishing it is true, or that it will happen. You are not certain in any sense of the word. When you have a “belief” about something, you are thinking that it is true, or that it will happen. You are not certain, but you think you are certain, and you continue to think so unless something to the contrary appears in your reality. When you have a “knowing” about something, you are clear that it is true, or that it will happen. You are certain in every sense of the word, and you will continue to be certain even if something to the contrary appears in your reality. You judge not by appearances because you know what is so.

So I can learn to trust the Universe by knowing that I don’t have to trust the Universe?

That is correct. You will have come to a knowingness that the perfect thing is going to occur. Not that a particular thing is going to occur, but that the perfect thing is going to occur. Not that what you prefer is going to occur, but that which is perfect is going to occur. As you move towards Mastery these two things become one. Something occurs, and you prefer no occurrence other than what is occurring. It is your very preferring of whatever is occurring that renders that occurrence perfect. This called “Letting go and letting God”. A Master always prefers what occurs. You too will have reached mastery when you are always preferring what is occurring.

But that is the same as having no preferences! You have always said “Your life proceeds out of your intentions for it.”

Have intentions, but don’t have expectations, and certainly don’t have requirements. Do not become addicted to a particular result. Do not ever prefer one. Elevate your Addictions to Preferences and your Preferences to Acceptances. That is the way to peace. That is the way to mastery.

Thank you Creator!

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