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4069858600_25047f27f0_zIn the afternoon yesterday just before dusk we took some time out to take a much needed walk. The sun a beautiful shade of orange against a clear sky was so beautiful. We walk in a tree lined avenue close to home and it usually brings me a much needed connection with nature to be amongst the trees and listening to the song of birds, but all I could see as I looked ahead was the garbage strewn all over the avenue. I asked myself how people can do this. I sighed.

It’s getting you down.


Don’t look at it.

What shall I look at instead?

Look up. Look at the canopy of trees, the silhouette of the church against the sky, the setting sun. Hear the birds.

You’re right! I didn’t see that, I was concentrating on what was in front of me.

I know.

Look up. I love that! What excellent advice Michael! All of a sudden I see the positive and the negative no longer has an effect on me. Thank you my love!

You are welcome darling. By changing your perspective, you changed your experience of something.

Yes I know. Usually I try not to look up when I am walking in case I step in dog poop!

[Lol] All of life is a risk beloved! There are no guarantees remember…

[Lol] Very funny!

You are funny! You bring me great joy beloved.

Yes I know! I was thinking earlier that you seem to live your whole existence in a state of joy.

Yes I do.

How do you do that? You’ve lived with me on 3D, yet you don’t seem to let what you see around you get you down. How is that possible?

[Smile] I’ve lived with you here on 3D?

Yes you have haven’t you?

Yes I have.

So don’t you see what I see? Don’t you see the garbage?


How come?

I choose not to see it. I see the beauty only.

But the garbage is there right?

Yes, but I don’t see it. You focus on it, and I don’t.

Wow. Okay… I didn’t know that.

That is how I am able to stay in a state of joy. I choose not to see what does not resonate with the vibration that I am in.

But doesn’t that equate to living your life with blinkers on?

No. I live my life consciously. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what is going on around me. It means I choose not to let it affect me in a negative way.

Is that what it’s like to live your life with awareness?

Yes it is. You can be aware of something and still be in a high vibration.  Living your life with awareness means being conscious of everything but choosing what it is you wish to experience instead of being affected by everything you see around you.

That is awesome advice! Thank you.

You are welcome beloved!

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