You’re feeling it, aren’t you?  That inner push to do something different, to go someplace new, to stop dragging your feet and just get on with it…  You’re starting to remember that there’s a reason that you came to Earth-a much bigger reason than you ever thought-and the drive is getting stronger and stronger within you to go out into the world and truly make a difference.   Of course, what you’ve been doing up until now has been really important and you chose to do every bit of it, but it’s time to wrap up all of those “smaller projects” and focus your attention on the bigger picture.

Today’s card is from the Romance Angels deck, and it is entitled “Reconciliation.”   Taken in it’s most literal sense, it refers to the sudden reappearance of certain people and situations into your life-ones that you may have thought long overwith and gone.  We’re talking about a where a close bond once existed.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship.  It could be an old friendship, an issue with a family member or even a former co-worker.  On the other hand, you may see the re-emergence of some sort of  unresolved situation (at least, you thought it was resolved), be it personal, professional or financial. To give you an example, I’m seeing it manifest in my own life as an unresolved financial crisis that I was blissfully unaware of up until now.  I recently learned that all of my former husbands debts are still attached to me, and I’m being forced to deal with not-so-pleasant chore of severing these toxic bonds from my physical and energetic space.

But know that it’s absolutely essential that these things get cleared up, because we can’t take them with us into the New World.  We can’t continue to raise our vibration higher and continue ascending higher when we’re chained and shackled to heavy weights from the past.  So many of these situations are old contracts we drew up prior to our incarnation or are based in Karma that we carried over from a previous lifetime.  Yes, we’ve dealt well with it thus far and we basically did whatever it was we initially agreed to do, but there are just a few loose threads that that need to be snipped before the contract can be stamped “Paid In Full.”  Try to view these situations, however annoying they may seem, as priceless opportunities for learning and spiritual growth.  The Universe is handing you a great gift; a chance to hone your innate skills of forgiveness, neutrality and compassion.  And also for you to obtain some much-needed closure and move on.  The more baggage you toss by the side of the road, the faster your vibration will become.  And best of all-the sooner the reality of the New Earth will begin to manifest visibly in your outer world.

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