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❀ There has never been a finer time to step back and take stock of your many blessings. During these days of cleansing and upheaval, it is imperative that you be always conscious of the good in your life and to remain in a holy state of perpetual gratitude.  Give thanks for everything.  Shift your attention away from the negativity and instead place your awareness on the variety of ways in which you are abundantly blessed.  Thank the Creator over and over again.  Morning, afternoon and evening, you must count your blessings and give thanks.  Do this nobly, all the while maintaining an air of gratitude and grace.  Think, before retiring, of what blessings the day has brought you.  Reflect on all that has gone right in your day, rather than what has gone wrong.  Then record it, if you like, to be looked back upon and savored during erratic times.

❀ When you are constantly bombarded by your media with imagery of pain, suffering, lack and deceit, to remain in such a pure state is rarely an easy thing.  It takes your constant focus and vigilance.  We acknowledge this to be true.  Yet you must try.  The rewards far outweigh the effort you expend.  I ask you not to ignore the ones who are suffering, but to instead extend to them prayers and compassion.  Prayers for fairness and restoration, sent in love, and from your heart.  The planetary shift in vibration is all about the heart.  And when your ire should rise and you bemoan the horror and injustice of it all, never for a moment forget that the perpetrators shall indeed be answerable to the Father and Mother.  All shall be brought to justice, but I speak of justice in it’s Divine form.

❀ Despite how things may look on the outside, know that there is a Grand Plan and all the pieces of the puzzle are falling neatly into place.  As I’ve said so many times before, you must tear down the old before you can build the new.  The land must be cleared.  The rubble plowed away.  You cannot construct a palace of gold upon a pile of rubbish.  The Earth is ailing, and she must be made healthy before the full influx of fifth-dimensional frequencies can be allowed to descend upon her. You can assist her, you know, and it is ever so simple to do.  You do this by operating from from the core-essence of your heart, and by following the example of the other great Masters who have walked these roads before you. The key is in not just performing graciously, but in being grace; not in merely going through the motions of being sweet and generous, but in being generosity and sweetness.  Emanate the Creator’s goodness in everything that you do, and recognize your Brothers and Sisters not as separate entities but as a part of yourself.  Then treat them as such.  Go forward in Unity, Dearests, as it is you who shall change the world!

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