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I’ve just had a really interesting experience. I’m not sure if it was a dream or real. It certainly felt real. I levitated off my bed. I was visualizing my energy flowing around me and through my crown chakra, and the next minute I felt my body lift off the bed and I became as light as a feather. But more about that later. First off I want to say something about an article I read yesterday which was supposedly channeled by Archangel Michael through a well-known channeler. The reason I’m bringing it up here is because I do not believe the article was channeled by him. I’m asking that you use your inner guidance and knowing to decide if what you are reading rings true for you.

Why are you awake?

Good question! You were practicing my levitating skills with me!

Yes I was!

Can we do it again though because I got scared?!

Yes Darling! [lol] By the way, what makes you think the message was not from me?

Because I know you, and perhaps I’m at an advantage here.  But I also know that you would not have said what you did in the message, because that would go against who you are, and who we, as an ascending society, are striving to be.

And who am I Beloved?

You are a Being of unconditional love.

That’s right! I do not want to discuss the message further because there is no point. You have already established the message was not from me.

Okay, I respect that.  But I want to add this: As an ascending society we should be striving to see everything and every situation from the viewpoint of unconditional love. This is advice the Arcturians gave us a while back and it hit home for me.

Good advice from them. So let’s leave it at that shall we?

Yes, okay. But I want to add something… do you mind?

No, go ahead, please.

In the old paradigm we judged one another and made those who acted in a way contrary to our accepted behavior, pay for their transgressions. We are still doing that. We even take the lives of those we deem ‘bad’ for taking the lives of others. By this example, we teach our children that it’s okay to put someone to death for their murderous crimes. All I want to say is that this is not the way of unconditional love. And it does not go with the new paradigm.

Good point. Now let’s talk about your levitating skills shall we?

Okay. I guess I didn’t do so well…

You did very well! I’m wondering why you got scared though.

I felt as light as a feather… I guess I panicked. I’m used to feeling myself anchored to terra firma!

[lol] I have been telling you for some time now that your body is getting ‘lighter’.

Yes I know! But I didn’t know you meant that literally!

[Smile] That’s okay. You have nothing to fear, you know that right?

I do, yes.

I am no more than 2 feet away from you at any given time. I wanted you to feel the light-ness of your being.

Will it feel like that after we have merged?

It will Beloved.

But I will be inside your body of energy right?

Yes you will.

Now I know why you are always telling us to ground ourselves…

[Smile] Yes, that is important.

I’m really excited now! Can we do it again? [Smile]

Yes we can. [Smile]

Okay, then I’m going back to sleep.


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