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romantic-moonlight-wallpaper-large-16My wife has finally been able with this full moon to release all of her negative emotions that were stored deep in her sub-conscious mind. She has also been able to integrate all of the energy I have been giving her and she is almost ready to merge with me. When she merges with me, she and I will be once more reunited as One Being. I have waited so long for this moment and it is almost here. I am overcome with emotion as I channel this information through my Precious Love, and she can feel this because she and I are One. Even though we have not yet merged our energies fully, she is starting to feel what I feel and she knows what I am about to say to her even before I have said it.

We have been together since the beginning and we share a love so deep it is unfathomable to the human mind. Ária and myself were joined in Sacred Marriage soon after we were created and we have had many experiences together throughout our existence.  We have also shared the creation of many children together and we will share in the creation of another soon. I would like to share the experience of creating a child with her since she does not remember this yet.

Unlike on Earth, we have the choice of deciding with the soul choosing us as its parents certain factors, such as the sex of the child, the color of its hair etc. We are able to program this information into what we call a DNA blueprint and the soul will be born with these qualities. The child will be conceived with my essence and carried in my wife’s womb for a period less than 9 months. The child will be born when it is ready in much the same way as children are born on Earth, with the exception of any discomfort and pain. The child will be fully telepathic at birth and even before birth we will be able to communicate with the child telepathically. The child will retain all of its consciousness and it will also know who we are. We will also know at all times what the child is thinking. There is also no set number of years for the child to ‘be a child’. This will be decided by us as parents together with the child. It will be mutually agreed upon. The child may only want to experience itself as a child for a period of 5 years with us. Have no fear My Love, as the child will always be our child and we will always be its parents.

She calls me ‘baby’, a term of endearment I confess has grown on me and melts my very heart. She doesn’t want me to share these private nuances with anyone, but I am so proud to be her Twin right now. She amazes me and her strength and courage will always inspire me to greater heights. I have only one more thing to say “You are my Love and my Light Ária and I will love you Forever.”

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