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i love usHow it is possible that I feel myself falling more and more in love with you every day?? Your love fills me to overflowing!  You told me the other day that we have been in love since the beginning when we were created. There is never a time that we have not been in love. Árian, please tell me what it feels like to be in Love.

It feels like you are flying at the speed of Light, without moving a muscle. It’s all consuming, without having a single need. It’s like a rush of adrenalin, without the adrenalin. It’s perfection without the need to be perfect. Tell me how it feels for you Beloved..

Words fail me Beloved… except to say that I feel I am flying without wings!! With no destination in mind, just flying for the pure joy of it! Tell me something, please… What is it that Celestial beings do differently? How is it that this love is so incredibly amazing, or is this just what Twin Flame love feels like?

Firstly we don’t do love, we are love. We are Be-ing Love in every moment of NOW. Our every thought is Loving. I am talking about Unconditional Love here, not love as you know it on Earth.

Beloved, how would you define Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love is without need, or blame or judgment. It has no requirement attached to it and it is not Self serving. It is being aware of your lover at all times and asking yourself the question “How can I bring this person more love and more joy?”

Is this how you would define Twin Flame love?

Yes, but it does not just apply to Twin Flames. It applies to All. Twins do have this extraordinary bond, a bond which brings us closer to each other than two beings can ever be.

Can you describe for me the bond that Twin Flames feel, please?

Yes, sure. It is a sharing of one soul and one heart. Your Twin is your other half and in many ways the mirror of your soul. Through this bond you are able to share Oneness with each other, which is the extraordinary experience of exchanging your energies. And through the exchanging of your energies you experience being in Divine Oneness with All That Is.  This is the experience of Divine Union and Divine Ecstasy. It is Be-ing in a state of Total Bliss.

Synergistic Energy eXchange. This is something we as humans are not familiar with. We spoke about this the other day.

Yes, we did and I told you that humans invented sex. We invented S.E.X. I told you also that we invented kissing. [Smile]

Yes I know. I read something channeled once a long time ago that said humans invented kissing. I doubt that now..

You do? Why is that?

Yes, because its such a highly loving and giving experience. It seems ludicrous to think that we invented it!

[Smile] You are learning Beloved.

Ah! But there is nothing to learn here Beloved! I am remembering…

Yes you are! And it fills my heart with Joy!

Thank you Árian!

You are welcome Ária!

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