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Oneness ~ What is it? What does it mean? I was prompted to write about this because of a picture of a tree I was shown a couple days ago. It was an image of a magnificent Cork Tree stripped of its bark. The gentleman who showed me the image proudly claimed that when they harvest the bark, the tree is not damaged, so it’s eco-friendly. Then he said that the tree lives up to 200 years. The difference between myself and this gentleman is that he saw an eco-sustainable product. I saw a beautiful tree left naked and vulnerable. A tree that’s intended lifespan is cut short by perhaps many thousands of years. But what has this to do with Oneness?

The word Oneness implies being One with something. That something starts with You – YOU are the magic ingredient in Oneness. I am compelled to ask this: Do you love your self? I mean really love your self. Within you are a million parts, some miniscule, that make up your entire body. Each part is working in divine harmony with each other part to be your Body. If you truly loved yourself, you would honor your Body. You would look after it, nurture it and make sure it was not damaged in any way.  The same principle applies to all things outside of you. It applies to every living thing you see, because those living things are all an extension of YOU. It applies to this Planet, and the entire Universe. This is Oneness. Oneness is seeing every living thing as a part of the Whole. That is at-one-ment. It’s the awareness that You and all things are One.

Oneness Is. This requires a radical shift in thinking, I know. You cannot become Oneness. You already are a part of the One. You cannot appreciate that unless you shift your awareness. You can only shift your awareness when you start to think about something. Thinking enhances awareness. Einstein was a great thinker. Thinking unleashes brain power and allows wisdom to flow forth.

Once your awareness shifts, your create space for increased consciousness to flood your entire being. Thus you will begin to realize that all things are a part of the One. Even a tree. Is it wrong then to continue harming your body with cigarettes, alcohol and drugs? By the same token, is it wrong to strip a tree of its protective bark and use it to make an eco-friendly flooring solution? From the books Conversations with God, the teaching “there is no right or wrong” comes to mind. “There is only what works and what doesn’t.” Is what we’ve been doing on this Planet creating Harmony? I think not. We only have to look around us to see that it’s not working. What is required then, is a radical shift in thinking to create this awareness. And it all starts with us, as an individual. As Archangel Michael told me once ~ YOU are the magic ingredient in all of this. It all starts with YOU. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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