❀ Beloved Hearts, I am Indriel.  If you think know me not, do be aware that it is because you simply remember me not.  That is all.  You know me and know me well, sweet Angels of God and goodness.  You know me as protector, guide and as a source of sudden inspiration-the inspiration which propels you forward towards the purpose for which you came to these great lands.  You needn’t remember me, for I ask only that you be still on occasion, observe and listen to the wisdom of your heart.  I step forth in these times as a helper of the Lightholders and the teachers.  And that is you, Dear Hearts.  You are the change the world has been waiting.  It is you who are the tangible proof, in full and glorious embodiment.  Look towards one another, and before your very eyes is the evidence of that change, the evidence for which you have so long been crying out.  Do you understand what I am telling you?  The visible proof is in the transformation of the people, however maddeningly slow you perceive the process to be.

❀ It is at the behest of the Divine Mother that I have taken on the nurturing of the Warriors.  You are known amongst us as the Tribes of Light, lovingly selected and organized by Her to be the carriers of love within a world so seemingly devoid of it.  You are here to do Her bidding and to spread Her message, and She is inordinately pleased with the job you are doing.  She could not ask for more.  Breathe deeply, children…all is well.  You remain cradled in your Mother’s strong embrace, even when you you think you are alone and adrift in a hostile land.  You are always protected.  You are untouchable.  She reminds you that it is all a game, a play, and much of what you find yourselves in the throes of is preordained.  You planned it all, together, with Her and for Her. Alas, yes, there are always going to be variables, as free will is very much a factor in the actual speed by which the key events shall progress, and also it factors into just what and how intense those events turn out to be.  There are still several potential timelines in play, which are to inevitably become one, at some point.  Yet as I told you, you are a powerful Light which cannot be extinguished.  Knowing this enables you to move onto you path without fear.

❀ The Mother’s love is all around you.  Become aware of yourself as being suffused in soft pink energy, which glitters like fine crystal.  As you steadily begin to form an awareness of this light, which is in actuality Her love, you shall find that it is warm and physically detectable.  Her love is inexhaustable and exists in every act of generosity and selflessness performed; in every kind word and thought.  It is not only the glue which bonds you to your own soul family incarnate, but is also what connects you to every other animal and Human Being on the planet, and to the Higher Realms.  It is the unconditional love of your Mother and your Father which initially brought you into being. Together they created you so as to love you, as their love is so great that it cannot be contained just amongst themselves!  They chose that through each of you, their brilliance would be spread throughout the Universe and beyond.   You are, each one, a living miracle.

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