angel card readingI tried something different today and arranged the cards all face down in a circle formation and then I asked the angels to guide me to the perfect card, using my crystal quartz pendulum.

This card “Nurture” came up and I’m not surprised! I had a wonderful experience today with a young woman who recently came into my life. I noticed I felt a close bond with her and confirmed a few days ago that she is my daughter incarnate! Once again I am reminded that people come into your life for a reason and there are no co-incidences. Everyone has a gift for you and whether you know it or not, you have a gift for them.

The card urges us to nurture our precious children as these little souls chose you as their parents. That fact remains the same both here on the Earth realm and in the higher realms. A soul chooses you to be it’s parent ~ not the other way round. So as you nurture your beloved children, you nurture your own inner child as well. Both activities are important for you right now. Archangel Michael would like to add a message on why its so important for you to nurture your inner child:

Beloveds, I am smiling as today has been a joyful day for me! Children have wonderful gifts to share with you ~ their innocence and unconditional love. It is these gifts that will help you gain entry into the Kingdom of God, as it were. Be as innocent and loving as a child, and you shall inherit the earth. Children have a way of noticing the small things that have little meaning for adults. It is the little things Beloveds that you are not noticing that will bring you the most Joy! As adults when you honor and cherish your inner child, you are able to heal the wounds of the past. Loving and nurturing your inner child allows you to accept the past for what it showed you, and allows you to see the gift it had for you. Children have a natural tendency to be joyful, and when you honor your inner child, you unleash your own inner joy!

I AM Michael

~ Thank you Michael.

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