The New Divine Humanity

Manifesting The Perfect Life.

Yes, You! Manifesting The Perfect Life Now.

Follow the instructions in this POST.

There will be an Audio Frequency Transmission to go with this and I will be Teaching more in Depth about this in My Teaching Series.

And Memorize these two things!

Harmony = Union

Disharmony = Separation



That applies whether the Harmony or Disharmony is with You and Your Soul OR You and your Physical Manifestation Desires.

Your Blueprint Lights up with Codes of THE NEW ERA OF LIGHT through the Frequency of Harmony AND UNION…


Your Blueprint Lights up with the CODES of the OLD PROGRAM in Disharmony!!!

All is Frequency, your Reality is the Mirror of your Frequency!!!

Your Emotional Body influences all Systems the Most powerfully.



Your Soul Desires Harmony and Union.

Harmony and Union with whatever Your experience is and with whatever you Desire.


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