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The last Eclipse of this current Eclipse Trinity is upon us. It occurs May 24 at 10:11 p.m. (Mountain Standard Time.) Do you notice the interesting number of 111? “An energetic gateway has opened for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time…don’t put any energy into…fears at all, lest you manifest them,” according to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers. This statement actually carries the energy of all three Eclipses. Each has built upon the last, making this time incredibly powerful for each of us, depending on what we’ve focused our attention on, and will focus on as we pass through this last gateway.

This has not been an easy passage. There have been many who have experienced plenty of physical adjustments and recalibrations leaning to a lot of discomfort. Because our vibration has increased exponentially, it has created a schism between our Higher Selves and physical body leading to dizziness, nausea, headaches, among other manifestations. Our physical bodies, however, are catching up as our system flows once more in unison, only at a higher vibrational level.

We have reached another stage of Ascension and there have been several who find themselves lost and floating; neither here nor there; and many are grieving their old lives. This grieving is especially true for those who counted on others and on outside stimuli to create their lives for them. For those who have been happy in their own skin, this may have been a time of fulfillment, peace and inner joy. This time is perfect for those who have meditated for a while, are comfortable being alone with themselves and who know that they alone create their world and their response to it. Others, who have relied too much on outside influences, may have a more difficult time with this shift and this placement of being in the Void, being fully sovereign and responsible for their lives and how they feel about themselves. And many find themselves somewhere in the middle.

Life is forever changed and will continue to change. If you are comparing present life to past life, chances are you are judging the present as better or worse than the past. This is duality. There has been lots of “loss,” depending on your perspective. Those who feel loss may wish they had their old lives back, and yet, the old life is gone and is being replaced by a new one. It may look and feel different, as it is still being created based on where you place your attention. In truth, there is no loss; there is no gain. Life simply reflects that consciousness you carry within you, for the world is a reflection of that. To be in peace, allow life to unfold naturally. What is, is. Dropping the judgment of good or bad frees you to step into the acceptance and fulfillment of New Life. There is no wishing it was different; it simply is.  And from this place of acceptance, life is created effortlessly and gracefully.

While this past month has certainly been an intense one, we have also been just as intensely guided by Source and have been integrating more than ever before, higher degrees of Light. Even while experiencing the “Ascension flu,” we have also been excited about stepping more solidly into being ascended masters; sovereign, unified and powerful Source Beings. As we embrace this knowing, our Light shines out in all directions, touching everyone and everything. Perhaps take a look at how your own life has shifted in just one month. Do you have more awareness, have you let go of even more of the old, have you surrendered to what is? Have you seen others who have also shifted into a higher state of being, taking responsibility for themselves and dropping their need to have others tell them what to do and how to be? Have you stepped more into an acceptance of Self, others and the world as is without the need to save or rescue?

We have done so much clearing of the old…to make room for the New. We have let others go or at least our attachment to them and their choices. We may have cleaned out our closets, both inner and outer. We have let go of the old views we have held for ourselves and have stepped up in self-worth, refusing to be treated by ourselves and others in any way that is not loving. Have you gotten in touch with more of your inner gifts and have you begun to share them with others, even in a small way? Is it easier to be authentic more than ever before? These are all aspects of the influx of the beautiful Source Light that has been flowing in, awakening us even more to the Beauty of who we are. We simply do not want to hold ourselves back; we want to share all the Love that we are.

A lot has been stirred up in this powerful time. We’re a lot more sensitive and indeed, are experiencing much beyond the veil of 3D. Big energies are swirling and while you may not notice in a big concrete way, your life has definitely shifted. While the energies have swirled within and all around us, it has also brought more to the surface like not-knowing what’s next (control issues), security issues, doubt, anger, judgment…all things that cannot coexist in a field of Love. We have had to stay grounded, trust and focused on the positive, even when we might not know what that is. I do know that we each are safe and guided 100% of the time. We must stay in the Moment, and then take one small step forward when guided, trusting. (There are no mistakes.)

The Eclipse also occurs during the Full Moon, which is a culmination of all we have worked on since the last Full Moon a month ago. Everything we’ve intended, consciously or not, is being empowered. I have had the sense that after this Full Moon Eclipse, life will not look the same and many opportunities will be presented to us for us to discern/feel if they are aligned with our New Selves or not. Thus we have the choice to say yes or no, based on whether they are aligned with Who we’ve become.

With this last Eclipse, the Truth is more important than anything to us. And yet, the truth is relative and based on our own discernment and consciousness. So, rather than being overloaded with more information, which does nothing to help but keep you out of your Heart, feel what you read and take in only that which resonates and expands you in the area of your Heart. Let everything else go. You may want to simplify even more than you already have and unplug from outside sources, paying attention only to your own Source. Honor your own Truth and be congruent with your words, actions, thoughts and feelings. If there are old emotions that surface, release them and by doing that, you stay in your Power. Stay centered within yourself; otherwise you will be led by the outer world view, and not by your own Truth.

We are now living from our higher dimensional selves. Make sure you’re not living your old self just because you’re used to it. Notice how different you feel and are living. You have arrived and this will become more obvious to you as you continue to live from your Heart’s Guidance and let go more of how you used to be. Stability may look different, as well as security. Why? Because you have shifted from placing these on the outside world and have shifted your stability and security to Source, which is the Higher Truth.

Ask yourself, “What have I learned and am I living it?” This eclipse helps you be strong and sovereign within your Heart’s Integrity; and that truly is all that matters. For in being true to yourself, your Light goes out and touches all.