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Laughter is the Best Medicine

Good day to you. I am Chuen with the Tone of 12. Together we welcome you to this grand and glorious day and encourage you to take care of yourself and truly lighten up. Humans tend to take themselves and their situations way too seriously. Let us begin by laughing. Take time now to laugh. Deep, hearty, belly laughs.

Get your energy flowing. Work your internal muscles. This will energize you. Do this anytime your energy is feeling low. Although it may not be socially correct, do it anyway and encourage others to laugh with you.

How many business meetings would be less boring and more energized if they began with a good belly laugh? Wow, wouldn’t those creative juices flow then? Those who work with children, take laughter breaks. So often in your educational settings, their giggles and laughter are reprimanded. Get them laughing and watch their attention spans increase dramatically!

When you have gatherings of a spiritual nature, take time to have laughter sessions. Rejuvenate the energy and get it flowing. Joy is the essence of your Being. Feel the joy awaken as you laugh with uncontrollable mirth. Laughter is wonderful exercise for your internal organs. Laughter is the best medicine and it’s free! There would be a lot less reliance on your medical systems if people would laugh away their woes.

Instead of a dozen or more pills, simply laugh. When you feel sad; laugh. When you feel tired; laugh. When your energy runs low; laugh. Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!

There are Laughter Clubs* springing up all over the world. Globally, people are reaping the benefits of gathering to laugh. As each of you comes out of the closet and allows yourself to laugh when you need it, doors will open wide for others to follow suit.

Laughter from deep inside releases hormones at subatomic levels. It enhances awareness as you inhale more oxygen, bringing more creativity into your life. When you yawn, you are bringing in more oxygen as you relax. When you laugh, you are bringing in more oxygen as you prepare to be more active.

Selamet!  Chuen 12

“Laughter Clubs use a systematic program of deep breathing, gentle stretching and laughter exercises that encourage playfulness and a balance of mind, body and spirit. We don’t use jokes or comedy routines, so all you need to bring to a Laughter Club meeting is the willingness to laugh. Come spend time with friendly people who laugh with each other, not at each other. Our laughter fitness program will prevent hardening of the arteries and hardening of the attitudes.”

Dr. Mukund Mehta



Masters in the Making

I am Eb. Today I share this unique day with Tone 13. This Tone is symbolic of Mastery. You can think of it as 5+5+3=13. The first five represents the fullness of humanity. The second five represents the consciousness of spirituality while in the human form (Higher Self). The three is symbolic of the trinity, all that is. Put them all together and you have the abilities of the Masters. By Master, we are referring to the ability to know your Self as a Spiritual Being having a human experience. With the essence of three, which represents the trinity of all things, the Master receives full power and understanding of all things being available to him/her.

When a human is fully conscious, following the path of the Lightworker and striving for unity through unconditional love, all things are available. There have been many Masters who have walked the Earth in human form. These Be-ings are able to do amazing things: heal the sick, resurrect the dead, teleport, manifest objects from thin air, etc. Within each of you is the ability to be a Master. It is through facing your fears and learning to love all Beings unconditionally that your gifts will be restored to you. True unconditional love comes from understanding that each and every one of you came from the same Source and will eventually return to the same Source.

There is no one to forgive; there is nothing that is lesser or greater than another. There is no place to go. There is nothing that needs to be done. Each of you is here to experience events and share them with those who are interested. “I know I have a mission. I know I came here for a reason. The Earth is in dire straits and is on the edge of disaster ecologically. People are killing people. Food sources are being tainted. Governmental systems are corrupt. How can you say there is nothing to be done?” This is what may be going through your mind. From the Realms above, from where we sit, all is well. We have the added bonus of knowing that in essence, there is no time, there is no space, there are no things. Eventually, all will return to the higher Dimensions of love and light.

What you have forgotten when you entered this Realm is that all is well. You chose to come into this Earth to experience its wonders. The tricky part is that your spiritual memory is lost as soon as you enter the density of your planet. Before incarnating, many of you have been certain, over and over, that you will not lose your memory. Yet over and over, you do. We have no control over this, for this was the way the Creators, of which many of you were the original creators, set it up. It was a new experiment and it is now coming to the end of its time. There are many from all ends of the universe who have come to help you get out of this cycle of karmic indebtedness. Through the years, many have gotten caught up in the eddy when they jumped into the pool to save you.

What is happening now is that many children are incarnating with full memory from whence they came. You label many of these children as indigo, crystal or rainbows. There are also many who have never walked the Earth before who are arriving as walk-ins. These souls have contracted to take over the bodies of souls who wish to leave the Earth plane. Some of these souls come in as fully realized Masters with abilities that astound you. They are psychically capable, with abilities of telekinesis, mind reading, prophecy and healing. Please do not deify them or put them on pedestals. They are simply in remembrance of their abilities. Unlike you, they have not had their memories erased. As each of you begins to have more understanding of unconditional love, one by one, your abilities will return to you.

When you chose to incarnate on Earth, you were given specific DNA codes that allowed you to live as a human. Now that this era is coming to a close, you have the opportunity to re-code your DNA in order to move into higher Realms of light. Each time you have an experience of love and integrate this understanding, your DNA changes. There is much data now available that can explain this to you. Your sciences are on the verge of understanding how the universe works. There will be no time available for those with dark agendas to receive this information and develop it in order to control those of you who wish to move closer to the light. Their dark agendas have been allowed to transpire for eons, but that time has now come to a close. What is most important is that your Mastery skills are used in a loving way. If you choose to do as the dark-siders do and use your skills to gain control over others, you will not be able to ascend with the planet. This time is coming very soon.

Take time to look at the dark energies within you, those shadows that are less than loving and kind. Clean out the cobwebs by facing your fears, apologizing to others and taking responsibility for your actions. You cannot rise vibrationally as long as you harbor dark feelings towards others and blame them for your station in life.

Dark thoughtforms glop together. Love flows freely. In order to raise your vibration, you must lighten up and let loose of all dark thoughts, words and actions. Set your intentions to live the life of your dreams and visualize the utopian society you wish to dwell in.

Do you want peace in the world? Then learn to be peaceful in every situation. Do you want there to be less disposable trash in the world? Then recycle and refuse to purchase plastic items or those that are detrimental to the earth. Do you want there to be fresher air? Then figure ways that you can walk or ride a bicycle to get to your places of employment. Are you upset over the food additives and strange things being put into your food sources? Then grow your own food. Are you upset over corruption in your governmental offices? Did you do your homework before you voted someone into office? Do you even vote?

There is much whining and groaning among you. Yet only a few are demonstrating and choosing to take the steps to reach their desired goals. As a society, you have become lazy. You now feel cornered and hopeless because there is so much imbalance in every sector of your existence.

As a nation, you have given your power to others. It is now time to reclaim your power. We have sent many emissaries to help you. However, there are many of you who are still in hopes that a savior will come along and get you out of the mess that you have created. Many would respond by saying, “I didn’t create this mess!” I would challenge you by saying that, “Yes, indeed, you did allow this to happen, for many of you have lived many lifetimes on Earth. Each lifetime, including this one, you have left negative imprints every time you engaged in a negative emotion, conscious thought or spoken word. You are now personally reaping what you have collectively sown.” That is what I mean by accepting responsibility for your actions: in your personal life, in your governmental institutions and in all aspects of human living. You can continue to whine or you can start cleaning up the environment within your mind and body.

Again, we say there is no-thing to do. You simply have to be. Take time to ponder on this. Imagine what would happen if in this very moment, each of you on Earth chose to be silent for five minutes. During this silence, you accepted your role in all of the events that are now occurring on Earth. What if each one of you decided that from this moment forward, you would treat all with kindness, respect and unconditional love? Can you imagine what would happen?

There is enough food on the planet at this moment to feed all. There are enough seeds to plant to continue to feed all. There are enough clothes on the Earth to clothe all. There are enough ways to continue to clothe all that would not create imbalance on Earth. There is enough technology and money available to no longer need to rape the Earth of her precious gems. There are enough houses already in existence to shelter all and enough resources to build homes where they are needed. It is your greed and need to control or be “one up” from each other that has created the imbalances on Earth.

I repeat myself, there is no-thing that needs to be done, other than to wake up and lighten up. We encourage you to ponder these things and to find ways to create the world you want from the inside out. Stop pointing fingers at each other and take responsibility for your own actions and inactions. Each of you are Masters. It is how you handle these abilities that will determine the outcome of your experience on Earth. She is shifting. She is ascending. She is moving on, with you or without you. She welcomes each of you to join her in this ascension process. Will you choose the dark or the light Path? We take leave of you and hope that you will ponder these things and join us on the Path to en-light-enment!

Selamet!  Eb 13


Life Experiences

Greetings. I am Ben, accompanied on this day with the energies of Tone 1. Together we wish to thank you for your desire to better your time and space existence on Earth. It is humans like you who are conscious and ready to make changes that will do just that, make changes. The changes we speak of start within and ripple outward on the fabric of what you call time and space. For any change to begin, there first must be a thought. These thoughtforms develop in ways that you cannot fully understand at this time. They are indeed not of this world.

All thoughts originate from the source of your beginnings. Be it known that you are fully connected with the original Source. You are never alone, although it may seem that way at times due to the imposed amnesia that one must endure in order to experience this Realm that you have chosen to be a part of.

In order to make any changes in your life, you must first be conscious that you want to make a change. Things happen each day of your existence. Some are remarkable and rewarding while others are low density and ones you prefer not to experience again. From these events, you decide to make changes. As a child, if you put your hand in the fire and got burnt, it is likely that you will choose not to experience that again and so you choose not to put your hand in the fire again. That is how you make changes in your life.

Through observation, you make choices of what you want to experience and which you would prefer to avoid. Perhaps you witnessed a friend falling off a bicycle and getting badly injured. You may decide at that time that you never want to ride a bicycle because you don’t want to take the risk of falling off and getting hurt. This is a fear-based decision.

Perhaps you witnessed the bicycle injury and noted what the rider had done that caused the fall. Maybe he was showing off and riding with no hands while watching a cute girl. You may decide that bicycle riding is something you wish to do, but choose to always keep your hands on the handlebars and keep your eyes on the road ahead of you. In this case, you have made a decision based on another’s experience.

Maybe you would like to experience what it feels like to have the wind blow in your face or you want to join your friends who like to ride bicycles. In this case, you are making your choice from observation and the desire of the experience itself. This could also include the ease of getting from one place to another. In this case, you may still have some fear of injury, but the benefits of riding helps you overcome your fear enough to learn to ride.

This is how you come about making changes in your life, through observation of what others have done and consciously choosing things you want to experience. It is important to understand that if you want to live a full life and have many experiences, you may have to work through some fears and belief codes first.

It is important to bless the antics of others. It is their experiences that help you make your choices. Each of you is on a different path and will have a multitude of experiences along the way. Each event you participate in will benefit yourself and all others. In the end, you will take all these experiences back to Source.

In the meantime, each of you stores your experiences within your bodies, making you a living library. All events and emotions involved are also stored in the Akashic Records, the greatest library of information related to your universe. At any time, others can visit the library and choose an experience that interests them. This may seem strange to you, but others not of this Realm can visit the library and experience the world through you. That is how special each of your experiences are. Bless every event that you witness and experience. Choose those that lead you to joy and have fun along the way.

Whenever you choose an experience, at anytime you can choose another. You may want to tweak an experience to make it more enjoyable for yourself. Perhaps you will choose to walk away from an experience. You may want to tell others of an experience you had so they can make an informed decision regarding whether they want to have the experience themselves.

When you decide to make a decision based on another’s experience, take into account that the other person is sharing from his or her unique experience. When you share your experiences with others, speak with integrity. Do not be afraid to share the true emotions you felt. When you can share your emotions with others, this is truth. There is no better story than one that can make you cry, laugh or feel like you are experiencing it firsthand.

Ask any person who has excelled at something, which part of the experience excited them the most. Most will say that the excitement of the unknown or the pushing of oneself to go beyond their endurance level that created the excitement. Some are motivated to win a prize or the approval of others. Some choose to be a role model for others. Those who push themselves because they want to go beyond what they have experienced before more likely to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

We say this to let you know that comparisons or judging others can taint the enjoyment you get out of an activity. Your society is heavily aimed at competition and the goal of rewards. Thus, many times people will not participate in an experience because they feel it is useless or they might be condemned if they do not perfect the skill. This is hogwash and these thoughts must be set aside so you can fully enjoy the experience at the level you choose.

No one has perfected everything they have attempted to do. Those who have mastered specific events become your greatest teachers when they can honestly share the full range of emotions they experienced along the way. Many try to gloss over these emotions because they are embarrassed or not able to share their vulnerable moments of fear, regret, etc.

The point of humanity and life on Earth is to experience Not-Love moments. The Source from which you sprang originally had only Love. We encourage you to experience those Not-Love moments with joy and gratitude. Those who wish to experience only Love are in the wrong Realm. I say this to jar you a little and get your thinking tabs going. Many of your teachers for eons have taught that humans are here to experience only Love. On one level, this is true. However, you have been taught that love is equal to perfection, when all things are flowing smoothly. We say this is not true. In its truest sense, love is perfection. However, when a human equates perfection as an act that has a perfect outcome, there is always going to be disappointment at the end. The journey is as perfect as the destination. Whenever you reach a destination, there is still more to experience. When you understand this, then we can be in agreement that Love is equal to perfection.

Another teaching that has become corrupted is to say that living life is love. If that is true, then does that mean that death is less than love? Be it known that your life on Earth is just a blink of an eye when it comes to the length that your soul is alive in its separation from Source. All are equal, whether your life is currently being played on Earth, on other physical planets or in Realms that have no matter. Your energy is a cloud and like a cloud, it wisps in and out of visuality, mingles and separates from other clouds. There is no judgment among the clouds, they simply are, flowing freely throughout your sky.

You have also misunderstood that Love is happening only when your life is going smoothly. Again, we say hogwash to that notion. When you can feel love and gratitude for every experience, you will have a better understanding of what Source Love is like.

Coal has little worth, except for a few moments of heat. However, take that same lump of coal and place it under extreme pressure and you will alchemically produce a diamond. Now, take that diamond and cut it here and there and it becomes more valuable in the eyes of the beholder. Your life is such. Each and every experience has value. It is up to you to decide what you want to experience and whether or not your journey will be filled with joy or despair. Why not experience both joy and despair? This does not mean you have to dwell for long in either place. How much richer will your life be when you allow yourself to experience both along the way? If nothing else, it makes for a great story to share with others!

Selamet!  Ben 1


Clear Intentions

I am Ix alongside with Tone 2. Today we would like to share some thoughts regarding polarity. In your Realm, there is an infinite amount of choices presented to you each day. Once you get past the belief code that some are right and some are wrong, you can temporarily find yourself at a standstill. It is like taking a child into a toy store and telling him he can have anything he wants, as long as it all fits in the car. He is so awestruck with the possibilities that he doesn’t know where to start.

How do you narrow the choices? First, you must develop the belief code called “goals” for yourself. Many get hung up on these goals, thinking they must reach them or be a failure. We encourage you to set goals with clear intentions but to remain open to changing those goals, when necessary. When a clear intention is set, we will help you reach your goals.

We know that your understanding of the future is limited. From our perspective, we have the advantage of peaking into all future possibilities. We also have the added ability to know what everyone else has up their sleeves. If each of you on Earth had no fears or guilt, spoke your truth and had only love in your heart for yourselves and others, setting goals would be much easier. Let me explain. Perhaps you have set a goal to find a specific job. We help you to acquire your dream job that has all of the qualities you want when it comes to income, location, working environment, hours, etc. Soon, you realize that your boss has the power and inclination to make your life miserable.

So much for that perfect job. You have choices regarding how you will react with this person. For the sake of our example, we will assume that you are being as kind and loving as you can towards this person, yet she continues to make your life a living nightmare. The stress is so overwhelming, you consider leaving your dream job.

You can decide that leaving is in your best interest, you can play the role of victim and feel sorry for yourself or have a dozen other reactions. The point is that you had a goal and you reached it, but due to unforeseen circumstances, you changed your mind and set a new goal for yourself.

What we want to impress upon you today is that you live in a world of polarity. Each of you has the ability to choose which end of the spectrum you want to experience. You can choose to be kind or evil, happy or sad. You can choose to dress well or shabbily, etc.

There are a myriad of choices being made each moment by 6 billion people on your planet. That does not include the plants and animals that are sentient, as well. Here you are, one speck on this grand planet, setting goals for yourself. As you encounter others whose goals mess up your desires, you would be wise to be flexible and go with the flow that leads you to the things you wish to experience.

Also, take into account that there are millions of experiences that you don’t even know about. Through conversations with others and the media, you are constantly exposed to new information. Perhaps your goal was to take a vacation to the Bahamas so you could de-stress from your job. In the grocery store, you picked up a travel magazine that had a story about the Bahamas. As you turned the pages, you saw an article about New   Zealand and felt more of an affinity to go there. And so, you change your vacation destination goal.

Setting goals is crucial if you want to manifest anything in your life. However, being flexible is also important. We will give a small scenario to help you better understand the complexities involved in our work as we assist you from the Other Side.

Picture yourself in a dream job. Your boss has caused you to be so miserable that all you can think about is getting away for a few days. So, you begin to dream about going to the Bahamas laying on the beach. As your vacation time draws near, you get more excited about the prospect. However, you know when you return, the problem will still be there.

In the meantime, you also have dreams of meeting the perfect mate. You would also like to live closer to your family. Although you love your job, your boss has made it unbearable. Although it pays well and has good benefits, the stress is literally making you sick. From our perspective on the Other Side, we are busily trying to create each and every one of your goals. We are checking out all the possible people that might make a good mate for you and who lives near your family. We have found three possible matches for you.

Now, how do we get each of you to meet? We monitor your emotions closely to figure out the choices you are likely to make, as well as the choices the possible mates are likely to make. If each of you has clear intentions, our job is easier. When you are consciously aware, intuitive and connected with your Spirit Guides, life is a breeze. In those cases, you simply follow the strong leads we offer to reach your desired outcome.

However, for most of you it isn’t that easy. When you waver back and forth, it makes it harder for us, although we make no judgment regarding your choices. When you ask for something with passion, we set things in motion to fulfill that request. When you change your mind, know that what we have set up for you is still in motion, so you may experience some backlash until those settle down. In the meantime, we set up new situations to meet the criteria of what you now want. It is common for humans to continually waver, which makes getting your goals accomplished very difficult.

Let’s return to our scenario. You have these main goals that you clearly want to happen in your life: either the same job without the bothersome boss or a new dream job, living closer to your family, finding a good mate, having a good income with benefits and a week in the Bahamas.

Because we can monitor your emotions, we know that deep down the most important wish on your list is to move closer to your family. However, the work market is depressed and you know there are no jobs available with the income and benefits you want.

In this scenario, you have prayed that these goals be met with the highest good of all. We love that clause, because we know that our efforts will create joy in the lives of all involved. However, let it be known that you can choose to experience things that you know will sadden others (your best friend will miss you when you move). Because we have no judgment in the matter, we will do our best to allow that scenario to be played out, as well. We know there is no right or wrong and it is up to each of you to choose what you wish to experience.

Your annual vacation time is coming up and while you are at the grocery store, you purchase a travel magazine with an article about the Bahamas. As you thumb through it that evening, you are entranced with an article on New Zealand. It is more costly than the trip to the Bahamas, but you have a strong urge to go to New Zealand, instead. This is why. In the town where your family lives are the three possible mates who fit the general criteria you are looking for. One is heading to New Zealand on a business trip. The other two are staying at home. Since you haven’t bought your tickets, we know you are still undecided whether to spend your vacation with your family or in the Bahamas. So, we begin to set up possible ways for you to meet these three potential spouses.

As we monitor all four of you, we see that you have told your boss the dates you want to take your vacation. We also see that you are following our lead and leaning towards New Zealand. We impress upon Bachelor(ette) number 1 to extend the business trip one week for sight-seeing. This will put both of you in New Zealand at the same time.

If you both make your plans to be in New Zealand at the same time, we continue with our plans to impress upon each of you to be at certain places at the same time so you can meet. Can you see now why it is easier for us to fulfill your desires when you are awake and not wavering on your goals? Therefore, you both decide to be in New Zealand at the same time. We already know which hotel your possible mate will be staying at because the company has already made the reservations. We will do all we can to get you into the same hotel. As each of you sit in your separate abodes, pouring over travelogues, we are monitoring your reactions. When there are places or experiences that you both are interested in exploring, we will try to make things happen so you will be there at the same time.

Can you see how complex this gets? Has your computer, for some unknown reason, jumped to a website? Have you ever felt a strong urge to call someone, turn on the radio or television but you didn’t know why? These are some of the ways we work to impress your mind with thoughts or by manipulating electronic devices.

Now, you both have plane tickets. If you were paying attention to the impressions we were placing on your mind, you will have chosen the hotel the possible mate will be staying at, even though it cost $20 more a night and wasn’t in a town you were really drawn to visit.

To shorten our story, you finally meet on the third day after missing five of the opportunities we set up for you. You are amazed to find out that the possible mate lives 5 miles from your parents! When you return to your homes, you continue to keep in touch. During your next vacation, you plan to visit your parents with the intention to get to know the potential mate better. You both feel it must be divine intervention for you to have met under such peculiar circumstances.

However, after spending three days together in your hometown, you both decide you would rather remain friends and not go further on the romance scene. We have been monitoring both of you and could see it coming. In the meantime, we have been frantically finding ways for you to meet the other two possible mates while you are in town. Voila! You finally do meet up with one of them. It is love at first sight. After you return to your home, you keep in touch. He comes out to visit you. Both of you decide that you want to be partners forever. You quit your job and move back to your hometown. He is making a good income, which allows you to find a dream job although it pays less income and has no benefits. However, now that you have combined incomes, you don’t need to make so much money. When you marry, you will be covered under his benefits, so you don’t need the full healthcare package at your job. Thus, you get everything you want, although the outcome looks a little different than what you had expected. You never did accomplish the goal of going to the Bahamas and you didn’t accomplish your goal of a job with the same income level and benefits. Yet, overall, the outcome fulfilled all of your desires.

Can see the complexity of working with humans? This scenario basically involved four people; most involve many more than that. In addition, there are many other smaller goals that each of you are setting intentions on. Trying to fulfill everyone’s desires becomes quite complex. When people waver back and forth, it creates even more difficulty.

Often, it is easier for us to heal incurable diseases than to accomplish simpler tasks. This is because when someone is very ill, that person and others fervently pray for their health to be restored. There is passion involved and no wavering. Heal them! The prayer is direct and focused. However, with lesser desires, there tends to be much wavering. “I want this, no, I want that. I only want this if I can have that. No, I think I want this instead.” It takes much patience to be a human’s Spirit Guide!

Each of you has the free will to choose whatever you want to experience. Set goals or intentions, yet know that at any time, you can change them. However, wavering creates a shift that makes it harder to realize your goals. Clear intentions are crucial. Being alert, looking for synchronicities and coincidences, while following your intuition are ways we lead you to your desired outcome. Often, aware people over-hype the coincidences and read more into a situation than is really there. That is how many of you get off track. But, no need for despair, we will continue to try to get you back on track as soon as you overshoot or miss the mark.

The main point we would like to make today is that you not attach yourselves to any goal to the point that you feel you have failed. Like the person in our scenario, there was no failure involved although several goals were not met. Often, much time passes before you can see the blessings in what you felt were failures. Then you can see how the experiences led you to your desired outcome, which many times is better than your initial dream. Set your dreams high. Energize them with passion. Watch for synchronicities. Follow the clues even if you have to go beyond your comfort zone. Then watch your life unfold!

Selamet!  Ix 2


Focused Prayers

I am Men 3 and I welcome you to this time that we are now sharing together. Please take a moment to quiet your outer world. It is a wise practice before you read anything that you feel may be of importance in your life that you first take a few moments to set aside the busy-ness of the day. You will then allow yourself to be fully in the moment and your ability to integrate the information will be greatly enhanced.

We begin now by saying that you are loved beyond all measure. If you have not experienced your Angels, Spirit Guides or your concept of God, we ask that you trust that they do exist. They are ever-present to fulfill your highest dreams. You need simply ask for their help. When you pray, focus your intention on what you would like to see accomplished. Even though you may not fully understand the dynamics of how your prayers will be set into motion, pray anyway. Trust that your prayers will be heard.

The more focused your prayers are, the more able we are to set into motion the events that will lead to your desired outcome. Wavering back and forth tremendously slows down the process while fears and doubts can fully block progression towards your goals. Perhaps there is something you wish for. If you continually hold the belief, “I really want that, but I know I can’t have it.” you will have effectively created a mute point and we cannot move forward in fulfilling your initial dream. When you have thoughts such as, “I can’t have it. That is impossible!” the universe sees these as your truth and will not try to convince you otherwise.

If we were in a social setting and I offered you a piece of cake and you said to me, “No, thank you, it looks lovely, but I can’t have it because it makes me ill.” I would respect your wish and not entice you with the cake. That is what your thoughts of, “I can’t have it. That is impossible.” does to your prayers. Your Angels and Spirit Guides know that nothing is impossible and that you can have anything you desire. However, they cannot and will not impose anything on you that goes against your free will or is not in alignment with your belief codes.

This is why so many of our Messages suggest that you look at your belief codes. Take them apart, brick by brick, and examine them to see which ones are not structurally sound. When you enter this world and as you mature into adulthood, you will pick up other people’s fears and belief codes. Humans tend to mold their self-concept around the way they think others view them.

It is time to grow beyond those limiting beliefs. Take time each day to quiet yourself and examine these codes. During your daily activities, be mindful of your thoughts, your words and the judgments you place on yourself and project onto others. Where did the initial thought come from? Is it still relevant or do you believe differently now?

Pay attention to your behaviors. You will discover that when you change a belief code, the behaviors that accompanied them will remain unless you consciously change them, for they have become habits. Know that at any time, you can drop a belief code and stop an unnecessary habit. This can be done by switching your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking thoughts that you don’t want to have anymore, switch your attention to something else. Watch in amazement as you switch your attention to new things. A whole new world will open to you. You will notice things and wonder, “How could I have not seen that before?” You will begin to look at events through different eyes.

Like any skill or habit that you took time to incorporate into your daily life, it will take time to undo beliefs and habits that hinder you from moving into the world of your highest dreams. As you face your fears and undo habits that no longer serve you, a huge amount of energy will be freed up for you to use as you like. It is similar to a computer. When you load several software programs, hundreds of photographs and dozens of videos, at some point the computer cannot handle any more data. If you have not been paying attention to the little signs: the programs getting slower, you ignore popup warnings, you don’t protect against viruses and such, at some point the computer will crash and simply stop functioning.

The human body is wired in a similar fashion. If you keep pushing yourself and doing things that do not make your life joyous, when you add beliefs that are not your own without cleaning out your files, you are destined to catch viruses, get overloaded and crash. This need never happen if you pay attention to your body, mind and spiritual needs.

To avoid a crash, take time each day to do a scan and note areas of discomfort, including your thoughts, words and actions. Are you enjoying the daily work you do, the people around you and your free time? How do you feel most days, do you feel uplifted or downtrodden?

We encourage you to pay attention to every word you utter and every thought you think. Be especially mindful of gossip, whether it is about people within your circles or whether it comes from media sources. Your thoughts, words and emotions are more powerful than even the wisest among you can imagine. Many of you are engaged in one specific habit that unknown to you is extremely detrimental to the utopian society you spend so much time attempting to create. That is the habit of talking about the doom and gloom of the “End Times.” Much of this comes from the news media and channelings from people who claim to be of the Light.

What we witness over and over are people in conversations such as, “Did you hear that this catastrophic event is going to occur on such and such a date? This part of the Earth is going to be destroyed by this or that event. The dark government is plotting to do this or that.” We could go on and on with the list, but hope that you get enough of the idea to understand what we are trying to impart to you.

Can you see that when you share this knowledge you are helping to energize it? Not only are you focusing your attention on it, you are now bringing it to the attention of others. Whatever you are focusing on becomes your reality in that moment. Now, if you are feeling emotional about it, such as fear or anger, you have energized it. If the person you are talking to puts their emotion into it, you have exponentially energized it. What tends to happen when you are emotional about an issue? You want to share it with others and before long, everyone in your circle is giving it attention and begin spreading the word within their circles and so on.

We understand that in order to make changes, things must be brought into one’s consciousness. There are appropriate times and ways to do this. If you are an activist, the best way to do this is to present the problem along with some solutions or for the purpose of finding solutions. These problems should only be brought up with people that you feel will be part of the solution and not the problem. That is the way you create changes, through group effort. However, when you read and share about these same experiences for the purpose of small talk, to share your fears or for egotistical purposes such as wanting others to know how informed you are, it is the problem, not the solution that is being energized.

There has not been peace on Earth because most of your peace rallies are focused on war. There is still hunger in your world because so much focus has been spent on researching the problem and building institutions instead of showing hungry people how to feed themselves. There is a huge imbalance within all of your major governmental systems because you have handed over your power to others with the attitude of “Big Brother knows best.” or “I don’t want to be bothered.”

If you truly want a utopian society that is full of love, grace and joy, then speak and think of nothing else. Take the steps necessary in your personal life to manifest these ideals. Share the good that has come of it with all who are interested in listening. Walk away from conversations that focus attention on problems rather than solutions. Let those involved know how their words are energizing the negative aspect. Have courage to teach others how powerful their thoughts, words and emotions are.

Be a problem-solver and surround yourself with activists that are focusing attention on the positive end of what you desire and watch the magic unfold. You are all powerful manifestors. With the added support from your Spirit Guides, miracles happen every day. Know that in one sense, we act as computers; we do as you command. We work from the energies you project, more than your words. If fear is the strongest emotion you are emitting, you will block your own progress. It is imperative that you discover fears and belief codes that are inhibiting your ability to create your desires.

Most of you are blind to your darkest fears because you have buried them so deeply. Have courage and bring your fears to the light. Bless them for helping you through previous situations. Know they served a purpose at one time. Let them know they are no longer needed. Feel gratitude for their assistance in bringing you to this moment in time. Replace them with your highest ideals. Each of you has created the reality base from which you perform your daily operations. Although most of you are unconsciously choosing your belief codes, your life will dramatically change when you become aware and begin to choose your beliefs from a more enlightened space.

We encourage you to make it a part of your daily practice to go within and seek out the dark glops of energized thoughts that no longer serve you and to replace them with the higher frequencies of love and gratitude. This was the initial purpose for setting up the Tzolkin calendar eons ago and it is still a valid application for your life today.

Selamet!  Men 3


Advice vs. Sharing

Greetings, I am Cib, welcome to this unique day when Tone 4 and I merge our energies. We are here to share our wisdom and it is our desire that you listen with discernment for those things that ring true for you. At anytime, when you listen to another’s words, tune in with a discerning ear, for not all that is said is meant directly for you.

What we have witnessed within your Realm is that many of you grab onto your gurus and try to incorporate every word of their wisdom into your own Being. This causes confusion and imbalance. Be it known to you that many times those writings are layered. Some messages you may be ready for, while others will make more sense after you have attained more growth and understanding. If you have ever read a book or watched a video then returned to it at a later date and heard messages that you didn’t hear the previous time, you will know what I mean.

Today we wish to speak to you regarding discernment. It is a common practice to read something inspiring and then integrate this belief into your daily life. This is a good practice; however, it becomes a problem when someone proclaims to others that it is “the only way” and insists that others follow this practice. Many friendships and potential wonderful experiences have been thwarted due to this practice.

Be mindful that each of you walks a unique path, having different backgrounds that have caused you to develop a unique set of belief codes. Each of you may take one single document and incorporate the teachings into your life in a unique way. This was meant to be from the beginning of the creation of your universe. Problems arise when humans forget their spiritual roots and live in the illusion of separation from God and each other. We are speaking directly about judging each other and comparing oneself to others. This is the true downfall of man. Not one of you is more precious or better than another. Although some may appear to be more enlightened, they have the same human frailties as you.

Those who have attained the level of Guru or Master, have gone through the same trials and tribulations as the rest of you. They have simply chosen a narrower path, one that keeps them centered and balanced. Many of them have already had a wide variety of experiences that they no longer choose to partake in. We are talking of many lifetimes, not just the current one each of you is living.

It is common for those of you who seek enlightenment to think of yourself as more highly evolved than others. In one sense, this could be true. However, if you look upon yourself as better than another or feel the need to save those “poor souls,” it is likely you are delusional and your ego needs some adjusting.

When you enjoy and seek to help others who are less fortunate than yourself, with no expectations of reward and with no strings attached, then you are likely to be working from your heart. There has been much good done toward others stemming from the desire to save their souls and to convert them to a particular religious order. Although the intentions may be honorable, this creates imbalance.

The person receiving the food, housing, medical attention, etc. knows within their hearts that these gifts come with conditions. In order to continue to receive the gifts, which many times are their basic needs for survival, they know they have to play the game by attending church services, renouncing their native culture and such. It is likely that the ones providing the gifts feel superior because they are helping these “poor souls.” Historically, those who provide the gifts often place themselves into positions of authority, which can quickly lead to overpowering another. This is not love.

Those receiving the gifts are likely to feel suppressed and “less than.” They may have to turn their backs on many of the belief codes within their culture in order to receive their daily bread. They have two choices: to give in or to stand in their truth. Many are willing to die for their truths; what an unfortunate situation, indeed.

It is the human tendency for the need to feel superior that has wreaked so much chaos on this planet. You have the opportunity now to be consciously aware of these pitfalls and to watch your every movement in order to keep yourself from falling into this pattern.

Know fully that your Path is your path only. It is wonderful to share what you have learned with others, but quite another thing to manipulate and force your beliefs on others. Not one of you knows the full desires, intent or purpose of another’s life or why they chose to come to this Earth in the first place.

Please stop looking at others as “poor souls.” Many of those poor souls throughout history were living wonderful lives, fully in tune with Nature before others came along and forced their ways upon them. Many have been murdered because they didn’t choose to believe in the ways of their saviors. How ridiculous to be so arrogant as to think that you are needed to save another! How incredulous we are to observe the saviors killing those who don’t want to be saved!

It is just as ridiculous to see the same scenario played out when it comes to feeding or housing others and giving advice. The world would be such an incredulous place if all of you would stop giving others advice! There is a vast difference between giving advice and sharing knowledge, although it is one and the same for many of you. It is to you that we write these words.

Acknowledge that everyone is unique. Each has enough wisdom within one’s self to make choices. Even addicts can pull themselves out at any time. Know that each is living their life to the best of their ability within the belief codes they currently hold. We know that it is difficult for you to watch those you love make choices that will cause them difficulty. However, we suggest you let them do just that. You have had your experiences; allow them to do the same.

There is nothing wrong with sharing your wisdom with others. However, what we see repeatedly is something like the following. An adult daughter decides she wants to move away from her hometown and head to Hollywood to be an actress. Her mother had the same dream as a child. The mother had run away to Hollywood and had many bad experiences. She then returned home and married a fellow she went to high school with. She still feels as though she is a failure and has some depression related to this unfulfilled dream of being on stage. Understandably, she doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same pain that she went through, so she tries to talk her daughter out of it. When the daughter decides to leave anyway, the mother makes comments such as, “I won’t give you any money. I will disinherit you. You are stupid. Don’t come home whining when you fail.”

This is an example of one using their power over another in order to manipulate them to do what they want. Although the mother feels she is being kind and loving to her daughter by trying to spare her from pain, in essence, she is being manipulative. The mother’s love is skewed by her own fears and resentment. Since she has already had the Hollywood experience, she may also have a sense of superiority.

How much better would it be if the mother had simply shared her knowledge by telling her daughter the story of what happened during her dream to go to Hollywood. She might tell her daughter she is concerned, but it would be better for all if she didn’t try to manipulate her daughter’s decision. It would be wonderful if the mother shared her current discontent for not following her dream. Her honesty might be the key to giving the daughter the push she needs to follow her dream. It is too often that humans hide their true emotions from others and pretend that life is all rosy.

Quite often, those who insist on giving advice only tell part of their story. How much stronger their stories would be if they shared their disappointments and the fears they were harboring when they made those decisions. Giving advice without sharing the entire picture of the emotions that fueled their experience is similar to giving someone a roadmap that leads to a destination other than the one the person has sights on. It’s a path, but not the one the other wants to follow.

Generally, giving advice has strings attached. “I’m going to tell you how to live your life. You should listen to me because I am wiser than you. Follow my instructions and your life will be easier because you won’t have to suffer the bad things I did. If you don’t do as I say, then don’t come crying to me when you fail. Do what you want, but I must say good-bye to you.” Although you don’t always say these things when you are giving advice (even though many of you do), these are the implications of your words to the listener.

Sharing knowledge has an entirely different energy surrounding it. The storyteller is simply sharing experiences. There is no judgment, no expectation that another will follow that path and there is no need to give advice. The attitude is, “This is my story, do with the information as you wish.”

It is no wonder that many of you are prone to lives where you feel compelled to give advice, for many of your religions are based on judgmental gods based on these precepts. Take time to truly reflect on your life and how you felt when you were judged by others. It is likely you felt powerless, subjected and idiotic. This is not love.

Love is allowing others to create their own Path and to make their own choices. Many say that love is forgiving others for things they have said or done. We would like to expand your mind a little by saying that the state of forgiveness is not love. In order to forgive another, you have placed judgment on them; you have labeled their actions as right or wrong. You have placed yourself in a position as being superior over them or seen yourself as a victim for what they have done to you.

When you can see the fuller picture that you all are equal players in this drama you call reality, then you will understand more fully what we are sharing with you. There is no one to forgive. There is no thing to forgive. Everyone is simply doing the best they can in that moment. Although you may know what you are doing is detrimental to yourself or others, you cannot express love any more than you have experienced it. This is why repeatedly we encourage you to go within and discover yourself.

Consciously choose belief codes you wish to live by. Courageously face your shadows, those fears that hold you back. Once you have done this, you will learn to bless the bad things you have said or done. You will bless the wrong decisions you made. You will then know the difference between giving advice and sharing knowledge. You will then understand how detrimental it is to give advice to others.

Then you will be able to teach others in a way in which you will be heard, for your energy will be different. Your message will be received with open hearts because it is being given with an open heart. Others are more likely to listen when someone approaches them with a compassionate heart rather than a sense of “I know what is best for you.” Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you know what is best for anyone.

We give you this advice; don’t give advice! Just kidding, we do have a sense of humor and we do wish the best for each of you. At times, our Messages may seem harsh, but we speak with love and from an advantage of being outside your realm of amnesia.

We look forward to being with you in the higher Realms. Until then, call on us whenever you want support. We are with you always. There are legions of us wishing to support you in all that you endeavor to do. Speak with integrity, set clear intentions and we will support you with no strings attached. You are loved beyond all measure; know this within your hearts.

Go forth and create a wonder full day for yourself!  Cib 4

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