NMAI-Mayan-CalendarI Am Etznab. The encouragement I offer today is to look within yourself. Your life is like a hall of mirrors in the fun house at carnivals. Wherever you look, there you are. Sometimes what is reflected back is pleasing to you; sometimes the reflections are grotesque. Some make you giggle, while others make you look away. Stand or sit as close as you comfortably can in front of a mirror. Remove eyeglasses, if you have them on. Clear your mind from the details of the day as you take a few deep breaths in and out. Relax with each breath.

Gaze, with as little blinking as possible, into your eyes. Look deeper and deeper into your eyes. Do your best not to look away. Ask yourself, “Who am I?” Listen for answers you hear inside your head. Continue asking, “Who am I?” several times, while listening for answers. You may find that you hear a variety of answers. As you repeatedly ask the question, the descriptions of yourself may get more and more profound. You may hear things such as, I am (your name). I am a parent. I am American. I am sad. I am a child of God.

This is your inner voice connecting with you. On one level, you will connect with your brain or inner consciousness. This is where you have stored all of the belief codes about yourself. When you start to hear more expansive descriptions about yourself, especially those that seem strange to you, it is likely you are tuning into your Higher Self, that portion of you that remains in the Spirit Realm and is your connecting link to the higher Realms. If you are new to this connection with your Higher Self, do not take all you hear literally. In time, you will learn to discern which thoughts are from your body, which are from your Higher Self and which are from outside influences or mind chatter.

After you have finished gazing into your eyes, write down the thoughts that came into your head while you stood before the mirror. Consciously pay attention to these thoughts and see if you can remember where they originated. Obvious ones such as “I am a parent” needs no further study. Those that are light and cause you to feel good need no attention other than taking time to bask in the warm feelings they give you.

We encourage you to focus on the thoughts that made you feel uncomfortable. Peer at one thought at a time. Feel the tension it creates in your body. Is there a particular place you feel this tension: your neck, your lower back, your abdomen? If the warm, fuzzy thoughts made you uncomfortable, then you may have blocks to receiving love. We highly recommend Louise Hay’s reference book, Heal Your Body,* which shows places where humans tend to store specific thought patterns in their bodies. This may help jog your memory to the initial thought that created the belief code you are trying to uncover.

Can you remember a specific event in which you felt this particular discomfort? Is your memory triggered to the event when this thought initially occurred? Have you had this thought about yourself for as long as you can remember? If you pull up memories that are painful, ask your Guides to remove the pain. If you would like to delve deeper into the memory, you can ask that you go back as an observer and watch the events unfold, without feeling the emotions. Then go back, observe and find ways you can release the unwanted emotions you felt at that time. The bottom line of this exercise is to release the negative emotions. This may involve forgiving others and yourself. You may need to take responsibility for your part of the event. If you have experienced deep wounds in which you were the victim, the forgiveness part may be something you can’t even consider at this time. If you are hesitant to work on these wounds by yourself, seek professional advice.

If you continue to hold onto anger, hate, fear and these types of emotions, they will show up in your body as disease. This is the stuff that creates cancer, heart disease and addictions. You may feel justified in your desire to hold onto these feelings. You may feel that you need to hold onto these feelings to protect yourself from being hurt again. You may feel a variety of reasons to hang onto your hurts. This is your choice; we hold no judgment in what you choose to do. However, we are of the light and it is our joy to help you feel the joy we feel. When you ask for support in helping yourself to heal, we are motivated to work towards helping you release these toxic thoughts from your system.

There are many exercises available to help you forgive others and to change your way of thinking so you no longer find yourself playing the role of victim. We speak now to those of you who are ready to rise above the negative experiences and to reach for the higher Realms. One method to forgiving yourself and others involves a policy of “Fake it ‘til you make.” Have you ever watched a movie or listened to a story that emotionally engaged you? It matters not whether it was fiction or based on a factual event, you responded as though it were real and cried, laughed or felt various other emotions. You were feeling the experience as though it were your own or feeling compassion for those involved in the story. Your subconscious mind was taking the story literally, for it does not know the difference between fiction and reality.

This knowledge can be used as a healing process. You can program your unconscious mind to record events to help yourself heal. Let us say that you had a deep childhood wound which left you afraid of something or deeply angry at another. In order to “fake it ‘til you make it,” you can program selected affirmations into your being by repeating specific phrases. Affirmations have proven to be very effective for some people. However, we are going to go beyond positive affirmation statements.

What we encourage you to do is to write down a few specific statements, such as, “I forgive my father for doing this or that to me. I release all anger at my mother for saying this or that.” If you had a traumatic incident such as a near drowning experience that left you afraid of being in deep water, you can write something like, “I enjoy floating on water.” Be brave and look at your wound as deeply as possible; again we would like to remind you that you can look back as an observer in order to avoid feeling the pain you had during the initial event. There is no need for you to ever feel the negative emotions again. However, these emotions do need to be released in order for you to fully experience a healthy life on Earth.

As you prepare to write your statements, we encourage you to strive for your highest desire. As you heal, you may find yourself able to go even higher. For example, let us pretend that you nearly drowned when you were young. As a result, you are now afraid to be in water that reaches above your knees. While creating your affirmative statements, you may find yourself feeling intense anxiety at the thought of floating in water over your head. If possible, write it anyway. After you have tried the visualization a few times, if you find it too stressful and distracting, then go ahead and rewrite the statement with something you can better handle, such as standing in calm, clear water up to your thighs. Once you have mastered visualizing yourself in thigh deep water, then move beyond your comfort zone to deeper waters. The purpose of writing these statements is to give yourself a clear focus of what you wish to heal.

The next step is to visualize the effects you want to experience. During this step of the process, it is important to incorporate all of your senses and to feel the emotions surrounding the event. In this case, you are projecting your senses into feeling the event, making it as real as possible. Remember that your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fiction and reality. What you are doing is replacing the old story with a new story. The more you can inject the feelings as though they are real, the more successful your healing process will be.

We invite you to begin. Repeatedly state your affirmation out loud. “I enjoy floating on water.” This engages your senses of hearing and speaking. Push through your feelings of being uncomfortable and visualize yourself floating on a lake. Perhaps you will see yourself on a rubber raft. Feel the rubber under your body. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Taste the water, is it fresh or salty? Feel the balmy breeze on your skin. What do you hear: sea gulls, children playing, soft music, airplanes flying overhead? Smell the rubber from the raft. Are you alone or with friends? Allow your body to relax. Start with your toes, relaxing one at a time. Move up your legs and continue relaxing each muscle, all the way to the top of your head. Hear yourself gently repeating, “I enjoy floating on water. I enjoy floating on water. I enjoy floating on water.”

It is rare that a full release occurs the first time you do visualizations such as this. The deeper the wound and the more you hold onto an emotion within your belief code, the harder it may be to change the thought which is engrained. However, be of good cheer, any thought or habit that you have created can be uncreated! We encourage you to repeat the visualization process as often as possible. Always strive for the highest emotions of love and gratitude you can muster. There will come a time when you will sense an energy shift or just know that the issue has been resolved. At this point, physical healing can occur. You will have the ability to dissolve cancer and other forms of disease that have been locked within your auric field. There are many layers involved in healing past wounds and re-creating thought patterns. Move at your own pace.

As we move through the Tzolkin calendar, each day we will show you ways you can peel back the layers that keep you from experiencing Heaven on Earth. We invite you to call on us for support. Know that you are surrounded each moment by Spirit Beings who are at your beck and call to help you to experience whatever it is you desire. We hold no judgment of you or the choices you make. You see, there are many of us who do not desire to enter the dense, physical structure in which you find yourself. However, through you, we can experience and understand more fully the Dimension in which you reside. We thank you for this opportunity to serve you and to experience through your eyes.

Be of good cheer, we are always near. Have a happy day. We are here to stay!

Selamet!  Etznab 6

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