mayan-messagesI am Cauac. On this day I would like to share with you teachings regarding purification. There is much talk among you about ascension and becoming perfect in order to escape this madness on the planet Earth. We would like to tweak your understanding a bit and put things into a more positive light.

The ascension process is simply movement towards understanding unconditional love and compassion. Each of you is going through this process every moment of your life. There are some who feverishly focus on attaining the goal of perfection, but know that if this is your main focus, you are likely to miss out on a whole lot of living along the way. There is no rush, except that which you impose upon yourself. Learn to relax, stay in the moment and seize opportunities to love each and every person, animal, flower and event that comes to your attention. It is when you bring yourself into the moment that you will find a multitude of opportunities to practice unconditional love and compassion for yourself and others.

Purification simply means to cleanse. What is it that you need to cleanse? Yes, your body can use an occasional cleanse by bathing in water. We will take one moment at this time to address a side issue related to bathing. Pay attention to the soaps and shampoos you use. Recognize that your outer covering, that which you call your skin, is your largest body organ. Human skin is designed to absorb nutrients from sunlight and the Earth. Can you not imagine how readily it absorbs lotions, creams and sunscreens? There is much research available to you on this topic; we suggest you inform yourselves and make better judgments on the products you select. We also suggest that you bathe less frequently. You will find that as you improve your diet, your body smells will become pleasantly fragrant. Sometimes a rinse is all that is needed. Remember to bless and thank the water as you immerse yourself with its cleansing and healing properties!

We shall return now to the lesson at hand. What other ways can you purify yourself? Through your thoughts! Once again, we return to the issue of paying attention to your thoughts, words, actions and feelings, for it is here that you have the power to purify your body, mind and soul.

The first step in purification of the physical body is to fast, which allows your body time and energy to purge itself of unnecessary toxins and stored substances. During this purification process, it is common to feel fatigue and to have a myriad of side effects such as skin rashes, diarrhea and headaches as your body removes stored toxins from your cells. These toxins are creating havoc as they pass through your circulatory and digestive systems. Once purged, the body feels invigorated. It is wise to drink much water during this process to assist in the restoration of healthy cells.

We have lightly touched on a purification process for the outer body and inner body. Yet there is much more you can do in order to rid yourself of dis-ease, both physical and mental. This step focuses on thoughtforms and their effects on your body, your relationships and the universe. Louise Hay’s* work in this field is highly recommended as a resource for discovering where in the body you have stored your past negative thoughts.

Again, we speak of how negative thoughtforms glop together. When a person makes statements such as, “I am sick and tired of this. That is such a pain in the neck! You’re killing me!” he is in actuality creating disease in his body. Many times, it is not the actual words that are the cause of the disease; it is the emotion behind the words that are the trigger.

For example, you do not like your job, yet you hang on, dragging yourself there day after day. It becomes harder for you to be cheerful. You have more and more thoughts of how you don’t like your job and how you wish you were somewhere else. Unfortunately, most humans are working at an unconscious level. Although it is true that you don’t like this job, you tend to complain rather than make conscious choices on how to change the situation.

You may not be aware that thoughts and complaints such as, “I am sick and tired of this place. I didn’t want to get up and come here today. They don’t pay me enough. I hate my co-workers and boss. I would give anything to be able to walk out of here right now!” are actually catalysts that your Angels use to help you get out of this situation.

Things that seem negative to you may occur, such as becoming increasingly sick and tired. You find it harder and harder to get up and go to work each day. They don’t pay you enough? If you keep this belief code, you will be correct; they never will pay you enough. With your attitude alone, it is less likely they will reward you with more money! Take time to look at your attitude towards your co-workers. How much of the discord is due to the other person’s behavior and how much of the discord is due to your attitude and judgments toward these people? With statements such as, “I would give anything to be able to walk out of here right now!” you might find yourself handed a pink slip.

Your Spirit Helpers surround you each and every moment. It is their pleasure to help make your dreams a reality. They do not pay attention to all the words you speak, for there is much you say that is nonsense. What they do pay attention to are the feelings behind your actions. If it has become evident that you are not happy in the job you chose, they are more than happy to help you change that situation.

How much more gracefully situations can change when you are paying attention to your thoughts and feelings! Can you see how much better it would be if you came to the conscious understanding that you wish to change circumstances at work, your attitude or to get another job?

Your first step is to purify your thoughts, words and actions. If you do not, no matter what future job you hold, you will carry those habits, attitudes and belief codes with you. In order to have a satisfactory job, it is necessary for you to go within and look at the belief codes that got you into your current job position.

Look at why you stay in jobs and relationships that are not in your best interest. You will uncover fears and belief codes that you have outgrown. Many hold onto jobs for security and the benefits. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, if you continue to remain in an unsatisfactory job position, eventually you will create discord, even if it is done subconsciously, and you may put your physical and mental health at risk.

Break through your old belief codes and free yourself to choose careers that make you smile and be in joy! How many of you are in your chosen position because you or others such as your parents or friends felt it was right for you? If you have discovered that it is not right for you, take courage, go out and explore other avenues.

Know that you can take this information and apply it to any aspect of your life: friends, relationships, events, even the next book or movie you engulf yourself in. Pay attention to what you would truly like to experience in life. Look around and choose the steps that lead you toward this goal. Watch for coincidences and synchronicities that lead you to the next step or a person who has answers or assistance for you.

Many times, your Spirit Helpers will have things set up for you, but you miss the clue. There will always be more clues set in front of you. Perhaps the next job opportunity isn’t your ideal situation, but it has enough of what you want to move you toward the next step. Perhaps it will free up your time and energy to pursue the education you need for the dream job. Maybe it has no benefits, but it pays very well which will allow you to save the funds you need to move to the location where you would rather reside. In many cases, you can expect to meet people and gather skills that you will find useful in your next pursuit.

We offer you encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and to move toward your goals. Know that each step has its importance and an abundance of blessings. Many times, in hindsight, you can see the blessings and value of the current circumstances that are not harmonious with you. Be grateful for every person, place and event you encounter on your daily walk and expect miracles to happen!

As you focus more on gratitude and the blessings of each moment, your negative thoughts will become more positive. These are signs that you are growing in your understanding of love. Know that your thoughts never die. Negative thoughts glop with other negative thoughts while loving thoughts continue to flow freely and kiss everything along the way.

It is imperative to understand how powerful your thoughts and emotions are. They are the fabric of your universe and as they interweave with the thoughts and emotions of others, a quilt is formed. Each quilt is unique with the power to make others smile and keep them warm. Or, is it a quilt with holes that lets in a draft? Do you hold onto your quilt tightly in fear that someone may take it from you or do you share your quilt with others in need? Take a look at an aerial view of the Earth and notice how she looks like a quilt. Each one of you is responsible for creating and designing the patterns of the Earth quilt. What do you want it to look like? What functions do you see for the Earth quilt? What can you, as an individual, do to make this quilt cozier and more comforting?

Have courage and take the steps necessary to purify yourself and then share this knowledge with others. Soon, the whole world will be bathed in the light of purification and the true meaning of ascension will dawn on each of you. It is not the destination, but the journey that is of importance. Take time each day to reflect on ways you can purify yourself. Take the necessary steps to move forward. Dream big for all is available to you! Release concerns of “not enough of this or not enough of that” and find ways to make your dreams a reality. Whatever you feel you are lacking, know there is someone who has abundance and would love to share it with you!

Selamet!  Cauac 7

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