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the-ascension-processThis morning the Mayan Day Keepers remind us “The ascension process is simply movement towards understanding unconditional love and compassion. Each of you is going through this process every moment of your life.”

I find the term ‘Ascension’ a mis-leading term anyway since most of us here are already ascended Beings, some ascended Masters. What we are doing is transcending duality and becoming once more who we truly are – Multi-dimensional Beings in the Oneness of All That Is. And All That Is, is Love and Compassion for ourselves and all things. Look around, do you see much love and compassion? There are still millions starving and nations fighting wars with nations. You cannot change the world, but you can change YOU. And your Light will grow in proportion to the amount of love and compassion you allow into your hearts. Light is consciousness. Light is Love.  I say ‘allow’ because there is so much of this Sacred Light around us now, but it is just bouncing off most people. We have to open our hearts to receive it. We are being continually reminded by the Archangels and Angels to stay in our hearts. The reason for this is if every thought, word and deed originated from our hearts, we would virtually find it impossible to continue living the way we have been living here on Planet Earth.  And the world would change radically overnight. This is the only way you can truly help our Beloved Gaia.

The Ascension process is very much an individual process. Nothing and no one can stop it for you. Creator has decreed it will happen for each and every one of you and so it shall be. But the ascension process is an individual one and it depends very much on YOU. How much have you cleared? Do you think yourself worthy? Do you see yourself as being perfect just the way you are? How much space have you made within you for the high frequency energies to take effect, or are you still holding on to negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself. Bear in mind your beliefs are stored in your sub-conscious mind and your sub-conscious mind determines 95% of your behavior.

Ask your Angelic guides to help you remove these limiting beliefs. Know that you are worthy of becoming once more who you are – a magnificent and truly wonderful Multi-dimensional Being. You are so dearly loved and supported! You are never alone, nor shall you ever be.

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