mayan-messagesI am Ahau. Together with Tone 8, we welcome you to this grand and glorious day. Today, we would like to focus our attention on the infinity symbol, which looks like the numeral 8 lying on its side. The infinity symbol often represents an infinite supply of abundance. What comes to mind when you think of the word “abundance?” Many list material things, with money being high on the list. Although abundance comes in all sorts of material ways, we would like to focus your attention today on other types of abundance and how to manifest these into your life.

If I were to pose the question, “What is the highest form of abundance?” What would you reply? Some may say wealth, health, wisdom or knowledge. All these things indeed are forms of abundance. Yet only a few would look at friends and family as a source of abundance. How many of you thought of your pets or plants as a form of abundance? One of the greatest gifts of abundance comes in the form of unconditional love. If you have the love of all men and all things, there would be an increasing desire to share all your health, wealth and wisdom with others. In your prayers, seek for ways you can increase the abundance in the world by releasing any fears or blocks that stop you from being a fully loving conscious Being. The abundance you seek lies within you. Through the ages, many wise sages have written about the law of the universe that promises, “What you give, you shall receive.” However, in your hearts do you truly believe these words?

Many of you are operating at a low level of self-esteem, believing you have little to offer and are not worthy of receiving life’s greatest gifts. Your conditioning has created blocks to accepting gifts from strangers and those who love you. Remove these blocks and let the energy of love bathe you, finding yourself worthy to receive.

Others of you live from the opposite extreme. You give of yourself to the point of exhaustion and bankruptcy, yet find it difficult to receive from others. You constantly turn down acts of kindness from others or pass their gifts onto others because you feel they are more deserving. We challenge you to rethink the reasons you do this. We do not judge these decisions; we simply ask that you take time to go within and see if you are harboring underlying issues of unworthiness.

Many of you proclaim your generosity to others when you give gifts, saying you don’t want or need anything in return. Yet you grumble when you do not receive a gift in return of at least equal value. This is what happens most abundantly during holidays when gift giving is expected. We suggest you deeply delve into the reason you give a gift in the first place. Gifts that are not given from the heart or have expectations attached to them are nothing more than bribery.

True abundance will come into your life in all forms, both seen and unseen. When you gift another with no expectations of receiving anything in return, not even a note of gratitude, you will know you are closer to giving from the heart. Many of you think you are there already. I offer you a test. Give gifts to others in the form of material objects, favors, prayers or kind deeds, without their knowledge. Do this without telling anyone what you have done. Pay attention to how you feel. Is it bothering you that no one is praising or thanking you? Are you upset if no one notices things you have done? If so, you will know that you still have an issue of attachment to your gift giving. When you can pass holidays without giving gifts that don’t come from your heart and can joyfully share with others without any desire to receive recognition or reciprocation, you will know that you have learned to truly give from the heart. Unto you has been given the promise of abundance.

As the Masters have observed, as you give unto others, so shall you receive. What is it you wish to have an abundance of? If it is health, wealth and wisdom, then share gifts of health, wealth and wisdom. If it is joy, kindness and love, sow joy, kindness and love. If it is material objects, share material objects. It is a law of the universe that what you sow, you shall reap. If you plant a tomato seed, do you expect to reap carrots?

We encourage you to take time to go within and to reflect on these words. Be objective and fervently seek for ways to release any attachments and emotions that cause you to expect a return for your gifts. How can you release negative thoughts and emotions that keep you from holding pure love and good will towards others? Seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you. These are not idle words, but a secret passage into a world of unbelievable knowledge and wisdom. This world was created to be a perfect manifestation of abundance beyond measure. As you study with us, you will be shown tools to help you understand how to loosen your shackles and enjoy the fresh air of freedom. All lies within you, but you must take the time to loose yourself. Otherwise, you will stay bound and gagged, with only yourself to blame. The door is unlocked, you need only step through and claim your righteous inheritance.

Selamet!  Ahau 8

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