mayan-messagesI am Imix, Guardian of the door to New Beginnings; where there is completion, new doors open unto you. Take time now to think of something you have recently completed. It can be as grand as ending a huge project or saying good-bye to a loved one, or it can be as simple as having finished washing the supper dishes. Choose one event that you have completed to focus on today. What doors have opened as a consequence of finishing this activity? How do you feel as you end this task or event? Is there a feeling of accomplishment, joy or desperation? Are you ready to release any ties to the event in order to keep moving forward? Many times, there is a sense of guilt associated with endings. You are trained from youth to keep seeking new goals. Often the goal becomes the reason for doing the deed while much is lost during the journey.

We suggest you pay more attention to what is occurring each moment. While you are washing dishes, are you feeling gratitude for the meal you just had? While eating, did you pay any mind to the plants or animals that have given their life for your sustenance? Did you give any attention to those involved in the processing, transportation or sale of those food items? While eating, did you give thanks to all involved? Have you ever wondered about the factory workers or pottery makers that spent their time creating the plates and cookware you used to prepare the meal? Do you consult with your body to ask what it needs? Do you mindfully chew your food in order to assist your body in the digestion process and thus retain the nutrients needed to support your health?

As you end the process of the meal by washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, wherein lies your thoughts? Are you focused on future events? Are you planning what you will do with the remainder of the evening? Are you still in the moment, giving thanks for your many blessings surrounding the meal?

It is important to pay attention to endings of cycles, no matter how trivial they seem. Paying attention to what is happening in the moment will allow you to find satisfaction and joy in all things. Many of you start tasks with the goal of completing them, yet no joy is found along the way. When you come to the end of the journey, there is just a hurried sense of getting on with the next project. You were taught this method of living in your schools. You were given assignments with deadlines, day after day. They were to be completed by the deadline or you would be punished with a bad grade, no matter how good the output. The same filtered over into your work life. Once again, you were given deadlines to fill. Many times the quality didn’t matter as much as the quantity of mass-producing items. The deadline became the main objective.

You didn’t have time to sit back and look at what you had created because you were already being pushed into the next event that has a new deadline. Many, especially in the business world are juggling several deadlines at once. It is no wonder that so many are dying of stress related diseases. It is no wonder that joy is lacking in your life. You have not remembered to stop and smell the roses. Those of you who have distanced yourself from Nature are having the most difficult times, for Nature is healing and restorative. There you will find peace and balance. Look at the forests and natural wonders of the world. Nature has no deadlines, yet all is done on time. The seeds know when to sprout. The leaves know when to fall. The birds know when to migrate. The bears know when to hibernate.

You can learn much from Nature through observation. Take time to quiet your outer world and go within. Think of ways you can become more balanced. Find ways to become more in tune with the natural cycles of the world. With the advent of technology, your world has become out of balance.

Let us take a look at the farmers of old, before corporations possessed them. They arose at dawn and had a good, solid meal. Off to the fields they would go, breathing in clean, fresh air. They were always available to help their neighbors, whether it was to build a barn or plow a field. Sharing of tools and work animals was commonplace. As the sun went down, they would retire for the evening. The family lived together as one unit, usually four generations in the house, each having jobs to do. There wasn’t the stress to run off to the city to punch a time clock. Families knew their neighbors. Children learned to caretake animals and grow their own food. Entertainment was provided through their music and art.

As the industrial age pressed upon them, the farmers got farther away from planting with the moon cycles and their known ways of forecasting weather. Even larger cycles such as allowing the soil to rest in the winter were changed when the advent of pesticides, green houses and other unnatural means of producing food were introduced. Your foods now are full of toxins. Fruits and vegetables are transported 1500 miles or more from where they are grown which necessitates unnatural means of ripening and food storage. How many farmers live off their land? Very few, for most are forced into monoculture farming, raising only one or two crops each year. This also creates a burden on the soil, depleting it of valuable nutrients resulting in food products that lack minerals necessary for health.

Next, the food is whisked off to processing plants that further destroys any remaining nutrients. Thus, by the time the food reaches your table, it is void of nutrients and has had the life force irradiated out of it. Much of what each of you consumes today is not only toxic, it is completely unnatural. Much of the obesity that exists is due to the body storing all of these unnatural items that it doesn’t know what to do with. This creates liver dysfunction and clogged cells throughout your body.

Why have we gotten off on this tangent? To show you the importance of paying attention to what is going on around you each and every moment. Did you think when we started this dialogue that washing dishes was quite a minute part of your life? In one sense, yes, it is. However, when you take time each night as you wash the dishes to pay attention to the various aspects previously mentioned, you will find that some important life choices were involved in the meal.

How important is the job you invest so much of your time in? Is that job beneficial to you or simply a means to an end, an end that never comes? What percentage of time that you engage in this job, including morning preparation and the drive to and from work, do you find joy and satisfaction? If the percentage is low, then we encourage you to find another way to support yourself. Many of you are in great fear of changing jobs or other areas of your life because you are attached to the material rewards and what others expect of you.

There are a growing number of people who are making great changes in their lives. They have looked around and found how dissatisfying their lives have become. They discovered they had hooked into a system that treats them like a robot. They have been robbed of life savings from mismanagement of their funds while they are over-paying for services that are free in other societies. Many are lonely, for they live so far from loved ones. You have lost your sense of tribe and forgotten how to share with your neighbors. Many of you have become overly attached to the technologies that surround you. Just how many televisions can one watch at a time? Why do you need five clocks in one household? Is it all that difficult to walk into another room to throw your trash away rather than own eight trashcans?

Look around your environment. How much stuff do you have that you don’t enjoy? Perhaps you want to enjoy it, but are too busy making money either to make ends meet or to buy a new house, toy or car that is bigger and better? Step back; take time to re-discover who you are. Have the courage to step out of the box and reclaim the wishes of your childhood. When you were a child, many of you had more time to dream of things you wanted to experience or accomplish in your life. However, you got busy or others stomped on your dreams and you let them fall to the wayside.

Take time now to reflect back on dreams you set aside. Are they still valid? Do you still want to motorcycle across the country or climb Mt.Everest? Do you still dream of having a log cabin in the woods surrounded by a white picket fence? What dreams do you wish to explore? What is hindering you from fulfilling those dreams?

We encourage you to look closely at your dreams and find ways to make them reality. Peer pressure keeps many from speaking out. We suggest you move forward anyway. Seek out those who have stepped out of the box and moved forward with their lives. These are the people who will support you the most, for they have already pressed through their inner fears and the ridicule from others around them. You may be astounded to find out how many live vicariously through them, sometimes feeling resentment and sometimes feeling joy and a sense of hope that one day, perhaps they too will find freedom in their lives.

You may need to make great changes such as leaving a church, ending a relationship, changing jobs or moving to a new location. Each one of these takes great courage, but the rewards are well worth the effort. If you are not ready to make great changes, start by allowing yourself to dream. Many of you have lost the art of imagination, yet this is the keystone to any great change. If you can visualize it, if you can feel it, if you can taste it, then you can create it! Have the courage to move forward. Have the wisdom to live in the moment, paying attention to what is happening around you. Everything is literally an attitude away. If you are not happy, do not blame others. The belief codes you have chosen are steering the boat to whatever course you are currently on.

Have you ever wondered why some people can forgive others of great transgressions or why some people are always happy, no matter what circumstances they are in? It is because they have learned to hold themselves responsible for their own actions and allow others to be responsible for the choices they have made. Talk with these people and learn from them. They are your greatest teachers. We hope that the next time you wash your dishes, your mind will expand to the point where you will know that all things are possible and that your happiness and joy in life is truly a gift and your birthright.

Selamet!  Imix 9