I am Ik. Welcome to this blessed day in which exists all possibilities. Of the myriad of choices available, what will you choose? Do you know that you are in control of your destiny? Do you realize the importance of your words and how they ripple throughout the entire fabric of the universe? Have you any realization of the impact your thoughts, both positive and negative, have on yourself and others? Thoughts and words fueled by your emotions are the stuff that manifestation is all about. Today we will focus on the gift that Tone 10 has to offer, that of manifestation. With the increased energies of this day, you will have before you a palette to choose from.

What is it you desire? What forgotten dreams lie within you? Have you a problem that needs resolved? Is there a fear you wish to overcome? Have you an addiction to a food or substance that you would like to regain control over? Is there a relationship you would like to establish or reconnect?

Choose one to focus on today. Take a few moments now to center yourself and release the worries of the day. Clear your mind of the clutter that distracts you. Focus on your breathing, letting your breath flow in and out at a normal rate. Relax your muscles and let your mind wander to an issue you would like to work on today.

Allow yourself to dream big. Do not allow your mind to talk yourself out of anything, ever. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. There is no-thing that you cannot move closer to. Many times what you desire is an attitude away. Once you break through barriers of protection you have created, you will be amazed at what you can experience and accomplish!

Now, lock onto one thing you would like to manifest in your life. See it clearly in your mind. Use all five senses to make the visualization as real as you can. In your mind’s eye, look at what is happening around you. If there is some part that you don’t like, change it until the dream feels comfortable and gives you joy.

What sounds do you hear? Focus here for a moment. Smell the surroundings, making it as real as possible. Feel the sensations surrounding you, perhaps it is the touch of a loved one or the fabric of the interior of your dream car. What words are being spoken by you or others in the visualization?

When any fears or doubts come in, let them flow by. You do not need to rationalize what can or cannot be done, for this left-brained activity is what has kept you from attaining your dreams. Pay attention to what emotions are present. If there is anxiety, sadness or anything that feels uncomfortable, push them aside. Remember this part of the journey is just a dream; it is like trying on new clothes and looking to see how you like them in the mirror.

If concerns over money arise, set them aside and know that you will be shown ways to purchase or obtain this item. If your desire is a mate, let go of a specific person and allow the right and perfect person for you to manifest. Perhaps it is a new job or relocation that is the object of your desire. Visualize your day-to-day activities at this new place. Check your attitude and how you present yourself to your new co-workers and neighbors. Perhaps you wish to be called by a different name. Introduce yourself to others using that name and notice how it feels to you.

Use this process for whatever you wish to manifest in your life. The main obstacle to obtaining the life of your dreams is the wall of protection you have built. You can begin dismantling the wall in this instant by releasing the fears you have of being hurt or unworthy. Work past your issues of trust that stem from lies and hurts from the past.

Have the courage to move forward and take the steps necessary to create what you wish to experience. Let go of the need to impress others and your concerns about what others may think of you. This is your life; choose what you want. Allow others to choose their own path of experiences. Learn to support each other no matter how crazy one’s dreams may appear to be.

Which is better, to have lived life to its fullest or to have simply lived? Which do you prefer, a humdrum life or a life brimming with happiness and joy? Regain your sense of adventure and wonder that you had as an inquisitive child. Find joy in everything you do. Remember yesterday’s example regarding washing dishes? There is joy to be found in even the most menial tasks.

In the next few days, take time to return and visualize your dream into existence. Find ways to clarify your dream. Perhaps you will write affirmations on paper and put them in prominent places where you will see them. Some people enjoy making visualization boards by pasting the objects of their desire on a wall and spending time dreaming the dream, using their emotions to generate the courage needed to take action. Others simply write down their wish list in order to clarify what they desire.

Once your intentions are clear and stated orally, mentally or in print, your Angels and Guides will start working to assist you in manifesting your dream. Know that the intention must be clear. Let go of expectations of the exact circumstances that will lead to your desired result. Keep working daily on releasing any blocks and fears that pop up along the way.

Watch for synchronicities that are like signposts along the trail that help you stay on your Path. Know that at any time you can choose a different path or change the goal. You will find that once you release a specific fear, another door will open and allow you to move closer to what you wish to experience.

Let us say that you want to purchase a car. Your initial dream was a used car in decent condition because you still had the block that you can’t afford a new car. Once you release the blocks associated with not enough money, you allow yourself to dream bigger and go for a new car. As you get more excited and the reality of a new car becomes more attainable, you start looking at new cars on the road and visiting several car dealerships. Then while test-driving a new Prius, something clicks and you can see and feel yourself driving a car like this.

Now that you have taken steps to manifest a new car, your visualization sessions will be more pronounced. You can remember the smell of the new Prius, you have chosen the colors you want for the interior and exterior. You see yourself driving to work and home. You hear the sound of the engine and feel the wind as you drive with the window down.

Next step is how to finance this vehicle. It is not uncommon for people to receive an unexpected inheritance or to be the recipient of a gift from another. Perhaps at the dealership they are able to give you an offer you can afford, even if you have a history of bad credit. Dream the dream, make it as real as possible. Look for ways to make it happen. Let go of thoughts of lack and unworthiness. Break through old fears by pressing forward. Fill your heart with joy and gratitude for the blessings you already have. Experience the dream as though it is already happening, for it is.

There are many movies and books available that offer suggestions on how to create your reality. They are all valid, although they have different approaches. Know the uni-verse is just that, one voice, and it is here to support you in any activity or event you want to experience.

We do wish to give a word of caution at this time. Although this process can give you more wealth and abundance than you can imagine at this moment, know that material objects are not a source of joy and that with them comes responsibility. We do suggest a life of simplicity, not one in which you become bogged down with toys that need a lot of maintenance.

The other main ingredient to living a life of joy, is gratitude. Be thankful in each and every moment for the wisdom you have and the knowledge you are gaining. In this moment in history, humans are waking up and living consciously very rapidly. Seek to find ways to simplify your life and create joy in yourself and those around you, for this is where you will find satisfaction in all you do. Simply adding material objects to your wish list will not create satisfaction. However, enjoying the fruits of your labor as well as the path you took to obtain them will ensure a life filled with joy and satisfaction.

Know that all things are possible, yet each comes with a price. There is much unrest in your world and obstacles to overcome. Have the courage to move forward and change the laws that no longer serve you and your society. Change the way your children are educated. Force politicians and business leaders to spend your money more wisely.

Pay attention to your ecology and your economy. Most societies have handed over complete power and control to leaders entrusted to represent the people. However, you have found that this type of government has failed you miserably. Instead of complaining, gather together, rise up and demand that changes be made that ensure a future for your children. Pay attention to changes you can make in your life that will make the world a better place.

Know that your thoughts carry much weight and can be more harmful than throwing plastic bags in the sea. On other days, we have talked more fully on the impact thoughtforms have on your world, so we will not further deliberate on them today. We wish to simply remind you to watch your thoughts, words and actions and to maintain control of your emotions each moment.

This can sound like a huge responsibility and it is. However, with practice and mindful living, you will find it easier to be centered and in joy each moment, no matter what is happening around you. We take leave of you now and wish you the best in creating your reality. Know that you can call on us anytime for support and assistance and for those of you who are here to learn patience, remember to take one step at a time! Do not give up hope that all is possible!

Selamet!  Ik 10

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