mayan-messagesI am Kan. Greetings on this magnificent day in which you are given the blessings of fairness and equality! You are blessed with the gift of free will, which allows you to choose whatever path you wish to walk. Will you make choices based on fear or choices made from love of self, others and planet Earth? The choice is yours.

This day of Kan 12 supports your goal to integrate all that you have experienced. Reflect on the knowledge you have gained from your relationships with people, places and events. You have a unique set of circumstances that has given you much to reflect on. The question is how to integrate this knowledge so it becomes a part of you? How will you use these pieces of the puzzle to create your own set of rules and sense of identity? Once integrated, they become who you are and the source from where you pull your strength and courage. It is your wisdom and yours alone.

To be able to share your wisdom with others in a way that does not interrupt their walk of life is an art form. There is a fine line between sharing and expecting others to follow your advice. Whenever you give advice or suggestions to others, pay attention to the purpose behind your action. If on any level you have the expectation that they should follow your advice, your ego is in the way. If you feel any resentment or frustration when others do not do as you suggest, look within yourself to find why you have this pressing need to help or fix others.

Can you not see that when you push your ideas onto others, that you are disempowering them? Your actions tell others they are inferior and incapable of making good choices for themselves. This creates separation and is the basis for all unrest and wars among you.

Observe Nature. Have you ever witnessed a flower scolding another for not protecting themselves better from the wind? How do animal mothers teach their young? By example. When they are very young, the mother will keep them close to home until the time arises when the young need to learn to hunt and fend for themselves.

Mother animals are well aware of the dangers that lurk in their surroundings. Yet they do not coddle their young and try to keep them from experiencing life. Your society for generations has been filled with over-protective mothers trying to protect their young from experiencing the hurts they have gone through. Although there is nothing wrong with this behavior, it tends to create neurotic and fearful children who grow into adults who are always on the lookout for possible blows from others. Many of you are so distrustful of your fellow man that you do all in your power to stay safe within your little bubble of protection. Where is the joy in such a life?

As a result, there are generations of fearful people pressing their belief codes onto others. When one doesn’t follow the prescribed path called “normal,” he finds himself ostracized by his peers and ridiculed for being a free thinker. This behavior has gone on long enough. It is time for each of you to take responsibility for yourself. Allow others to follow their path and discover what lies ahead without fear. Coddling or enabling others only stunts their growth and gives you an imbalanced sense of superiority.

Many of you will argue that you only have the best interest of others in mind. In some cases, this may be so. The true test comes in how you feel or react when others have no interest in what you are sharing with them. If on any level, you feel discontent when your advice is not heeded, then you can be assured that you are being overly concerned and righteous.

Perhaps others make choices you are certain will endanger their lives. It is important to share your knowledge with a child who has never experienced specific events in order for them to become aware of the danger. However, there comes a time when the child grows up, fully knowing the dangers that lurk ahead. She may decide to move forward in the experience anyway. This is her desire, the path she has chosen. Allow her to do so. Rather than forcing your opinions on others, allow them to have their own experiences.

Thoughtforms attach themselves to similar thoughtforms. When you seed your fears into another person’s consciousness, there comes a time when that person may adopt your belief codes. Sad indeed would the world be if all the river runners, mountain climbers and joy seekers had followed the advice of their parents and peers who injected their fears into these adventuresome ones. Without the adventurers, you would all still be living in the cradle of society with much of the land mass and oceans withholding their beauty from you. How much of this blessed Earth would still be untouched by human hands and hidden from your view?

Each of you is unique. We ask that you look at each other with a fresh set of eyes. Know that you all come from the same Source and that one day you will return to that Source. Instead of focusing on your differences, start to bridge the gaps of separation by recognizing your sameness. There is not one among you that is better than another. There is not one among you that is not capable of being a fully realized Spiritual being. Each of you has the capacity to live a full life. Support each other no matter how strange or frightening their choices may be to you. Know that each person is responsible for the choices they make. Allow yourself to be all that you can be. Work through the fears and frustrations you encounter every day. Dream big, for all is attainable.

When you see another that you judge as helpless or ignorant, do not be fooled. These people are just as capable as you and many times have demonstrated more intelligence in their way of life. Many that are homeless are there because they do not want to live in society’s shadow. Many imbeciles are full of love in their heart and can be your greatest teachers. Do not feel sorry for those with congenital diseases. Instead of averting your eyes when you pass them, look them in the eye and smile. Push through uncomfortable situations and get to know your fellow man deeper.

When you look at others with pity, you are judging them as victims. When you ignore those who have less, you are judging them as inferior. When you are cold to others, you are telling them they are not worthy of your attention. Who is to blame for all the unrest in the world? Each and every one of you. In order to have a world full of peace, love and joy, each of you must find it within yourself first.

Sharing your experiences and wisdom with others is crucial. However, we see that much of what you have to offer others is done in a condescending manner. Albeit many of you think you are doing others a favor by giving advice, yet your approach turns them off and closes the door. Do not play god and assume that you know what is best for the other. This only creates more distance between you.

When you can share with others your experiences and truly not be concerned how they are received by others, then you are on the path to freedom. Whenever you share with others and have the fear or mistaken notion that your information is what they need, you set yourself up for failure. To be successful in all your endeavors, be satisfied in your heart that you planted a seed coming from your sense of truth and integrity.

Know that all seeds fall on different soil. Some of your seeds will fall on rock and wither in the sun. Others will fall on poor soil and the plant will struggle all its life. Some seeds will drown in the rain or be washed out to sea. Many seeds will be covered with soil and remain dormant for years. Other seeds will fall on enriched soil and sprout into magnificent plants.

See your advice the same way. Some will be heeded and some will not. If you are honest with yourself, on reflection you can look back and find numerous examples of good advice that you took which led you to discontentment. It may have been advice from the heart and shared with love. It may have been advice that was beneficial to others, but it just didn’t suit you, and now you live your life as a result of it.

How many times did you receive “bad” advice that you didn’t take, only to find out that it would have made your life much more enriching? We say there is no good or bad advice, they are simply choices that are presented to you. It is up to you to choose those that feel appropriate.

How do you feel when someone insists you follow their advice? Have you ever felt inferior, stupid, mistrusted your intuition or told you are stubborn when you chose not to follow their advice? Does this bring you closer or separate you from this person? How do you feel when others share their experiences with you then tell you they support you in whatever choice you decide to make? Can you feel the difference? When you give advice, yet remain supportive, you will draw others closer to you.

If you receive advice from others and make your decision based on what feels right for you, then you will enrich your life. It is also important that the one receiving the advice not judge the one giving the advice. It is a mark of maturity leading to mastery of Self when you allow others to choose their path, no matter how different it is from your own. We invite you now to quiet your mind and to take several moments to reflect on ways you may be forcing your beliefs on others. Also, take time to reflect on ways you may be condemning those you feel are imposing their beliefs on you. It is a two-way door that most of you are involved in.

Pay attention to your interactions with others and be on the lookout for times when you are involved in either side of this issue. How can you best share your experiences without attachment to the results? Pay closer attention to the reasons why you feel it is important to give advice. Many times people are simply venting; they are not looking for outside solutions. It is wise to ask others if they are just venting or if they sincerely want your input. Honor their answer.

You all have different ways of resolving problems. You all are on a different path, with a unique set of circumstances. Learn from your differences. Share your joys and sorrows. Do not look at yourself or others as victims; this is a tough belief code to extract. Find ways to support and encourage each other. You will find others flock to you for support when they know your heart is compassionate and your words are kind. Those who play the role of victim will be attracted to those who impose their ideas onto others. These people need a savior because they have yet to learn that all they need is already inside them. The saviors are the ones who feel they have the right answers for others. This false sense of superiority will eventually lead to their downfall.

Without saviors, there is no need for victims. When each of you learns to support each other from a sense of balance and equality, the true essence of brotherhood will shine. It is in this environment that you will nurture a society of adventurous, free-thinking, healthy individuals. Until then, you will continue coddling others and creating victims and helpless individuals who need others to tell them what to do. Which do you choose?

If you choose a society of healthy individuals, what steps do you need to take to create this? Learn the fine line between supporting and enabling others. It is not always easy to see the difference. However, you will know what you are sowing by what is reaped. When a person returns to thank you for assistance you gave them and they are moving forward towards a more satisfying life, know that you were helpful to that individual. Do not expect this to happen, but rejoice when it does.

Know that others may resist your teachings in the beginning, but a seed was planted that may later be sprouted by another. Acknowledge your part and be appreciative that you have helped another along their Path. Do not expect this to happen, but rejoice when it does.

Find ways to assist without expectations. True Masters assist those who come to them; they do not seek the audience of others. They listen intently and offer advice only when asked. Many times the Master does not offer anything more than a question such as, “What do you think is best?” This allows the seeker the opportunity to use his capabilities to resolve his own problems. Thus a new Master is born, one who has the ability to take control of his own life, regardless of what others think.

We suggest you master yourself fully before attempting to create Masters out of others. Like attracts like. When you have mastered your own life, others who are ready to do the same will seek you out for advice and support. Until then, you are simply throwing your pearls before swine and your words will fall on deaf ears. When it matters not to you if others follow your advice, then know you are on your way to mastery, for no one else will be able to influence who you are. You will have become your own Master!

Selamet!  Kan 12

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