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Dreams-12-jenjen_bunny-30725805-481-474I watched an interview with Deepak Chopra and Oprah yesterday and at the end of the interview Oprah asks him “Who are you?.” She says he once asked her that same question and it took her 3 days to give him an answer. He replied:

I am a spark of the Divine and so is everyone else. We limit ourselves by defining ourselves. If you go beyond the labels and definitions, all that is left is infinite possibility, infinite creativity and infinite intelligence. And we ARE that, until we squeeze ourselves into an identity which is the volume of a body in the span of a lifetime. We are way more than that!

My question is: “How many of us actually GET that?” Maybe we need to read that statement more than once for it to sink into our consciousness.  Another question comes to mind “How many of us actually BELIEVE that?.” I believe it’s a fact we have to rewire into our brains. We have been hearing for so long that we have no power, that the power we need to improve our lives, exists outside of ourselves.

From my team I am hearing that we have so much power now with our ever increasing vibration that we can literally manifest anything we choose. Why then do we still feel as though we are powerless? Is it because some of us feel trapped in our physical bodies? This does take some getting used to, but that is not the issue here. When our vibration lifts it does become more and more difficult to accept the constraints of a physical body, but it doesn’t change the fact that we still have the power within us to perform miracles daily in our lives and in the lives of others.

Belief is the key to the realization that we are infinite beings with an extraordinary amount of power. How then do we change the limiting belief that we are less than this? We have to access our sub-conscious minds where all beliefs are stored. We can do this in several ways. One that comes to mind is through deep meditation where we reach the Alpha state of consciousness. Another is using affirmations. Using affirmations usually takes longer, but now we can ask the Archangels to help us eradicate old non-serving beliefs and install new beliefs about ourselves.

When I posed the question to Archangel Michael yesterday asking “What do I need to increase the belief in myself to create whatever I choose?”, he answered “Faith”.

Faith is the unwavering knowledge or knowing that something simply is. Combined the power of affirmations, faith helps us to create new beliefs in our sub-conscious minds that we are infinite beings with infinite potential and in so doing, we rewire our brains into thinking differently. Our sub-conscious minds determines 95% of our behavior. It’s a pretty powerful ally to have.

Because we have teams of Archangels and Angels around us just waiting to serve us, we now have all the help we need to increase our Faith and the belief in ourselves that we are infinite beings with extraordinary power. We only have to ask. It has never been easier than it is now.

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