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new age crystal children parentingRecently Archangel Michael channeled some information with me on these children which can be found here for easy reference. In the past month or so I have had the pleasure of getting to know our incarnated daughter and son. They are Twin Flames who have incarnated here on Planet Earth for a specific purpose, and they have brought Michael and I untold joy! The two of them have chosen to be parents to two wonderful children, a boy and a girl, who are New Age Crystal children.

I’ve spent the entire morning today speaking with our daughter and passing along messages from her father to her, to help her understand her children better. She agreed that I could share some of that with our readers, since I’m sure it will benefit other parents of these gifted children.

One of the messages Michael asked me to pass along to our daughter is to keep a clear quartz crystal on them at all times. The clear quartz will protect them from negative energies here in this realm as it creates a force field around the children at all times. These newly incarnated children have a difficult time coping with the negative energy and so it is important to keep them protected. Michael asked me to wear a clear quartz crystal pendant at all times also, and today he asked our daughter and son to do the same. I asked him “Why clear Quartz?” and he answered “Because it repels negative energy”. More information on this abundant crystal can be found here. Use the Violet Flame to clear your living space daily and transmute the negative energy into unconditional love. I’ve asked recently that Lightworkers use the Violet Flame to blanket the entire Planet to transmute negative energy on a daily basis. It is so important now that we all do this.

Another interesting fact is that the youngest child, who is less than 9 months old, needs very little sleep. Michael had this to say: “A newly embodied soul usually leaves the body in order to connect with its higher consciousness but in this case, it doesn’t need to leave because he is already permanently connected with his higher consciousness.” Then he said that the child is fully conscious of who he is and added: “he is battling with the confinement of being embodied BUT he refuses to leave his body because he is STUBBORN and he is trying to use his consciousness to raise his vibration in order to deal with the confinement issue.” He hates being confined to his car seat, as if he can’t handle being ‘strapped down’. We were advised to use the energies of Rose Quartz and Amethyst crystals to help calm him and it works. If the child could speak I am convinced he would want to know why we can’t just teleport instead of traveling in this contraption called a car!

Our granddaughter has a beautiful calming, balancing and loving energy which she seems to transmit to everyone around her. We believe she and her brother have important roles to play in establishing the New Age of consciousness on Earth. Michael and I are looking forward to many years of joy in watching our precious grandchildren grow and increasing the Light quotient upon Planet Earth.

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