thesunandmoonThis message came through Saxon Knight and the Seraphim Angels ~ I said to Archangel Michael that it sounds more like a message from a Twin Flame to his beloved One, and he said “It is, but it is also from the Divine.” I asked if there is a difference, and he said “No”.

In Conversation with the Divine

Dear One you are mine and I am yours. We are one; there can be no separation, ever. Believe and all your desires will be yours. Believe you are healed and you will be. Know it, feel it, believe it. Do you believe it now? Belief removes fear, where there is belief there is no fear. Take my hand now and be forever in my love, for you are my Dear One, a glowing light, one of whom I am so proud.

Just call to me and I will come.

Do not think you have to fight the battles on your own, for when we come close our love can enfold your fear and doubts. Whenever you are afraid call on the Divine, Beloved, protector, guardian and treasured lover.

Continue to believe, call my name, ask me constantly to heal you. When you ask, you believe, it is that simple. Call me a thousand times; call me every moment of the day.

This is belief, for when you believe in me you are healed. You are loved, you are abundant. This is the direct path to your joy. Just ask constantly often, loudly, softly, sing it, chant it, shout it, scream it, yell it, cry the words. It does not matter, just do it.

I will hear you, I feel your belief. Belief is your magnet, belief will align you to your desires, belief will bring your clarity, belief will open doors to the world you desire.

Your strong committed belief is all you need right now, remember to call me.