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I am Ben with Tone 8. We welcome you to this grand and glorious day of celebration! Being on Earth indeed is an event to celebrate! There is no other place in the universe where one’s soul can amass such leaps of faith and love. We are not saying that it is better to be born into human form, but due to the nature of this universe, the potential for growth is immense.

What makes this so? Foremost, the opportunity for growth comes from the amnesia you experience when you come to Earth. You have forgotten, temporarily, where your Spiritual roots have come from. Along the way, you have a multitude of opportunities to experience and express love. You also have the opportunity to shut yourself away from those who wish to embrace you. We judge neither, for the value received in each is manifold.

At this time in ever-increasing numbers, babies, adults and animals are entering your world with their memory of the other Realms intact. They are here to help guide you and to restore Earth to a balance of peace and harmony. With the state of amnesia comes a multitude of “sins” such as pollution, hatred and greed. Your institutions are based on power and control over the masses. Your ingestion of toxic foods is increasing at an alarming rate. The ecological balance in Nature is nearly destroyed. You essentially are living on the eve of destruction.

Many of you currently incarnate on Earth, played a part in the co-creation of this universe, so you have a stake in its survival. Can you imagine a grander planet in the cosmos than the Earth in its pristine state? Have you diligently observed Nature in balance? Have you noticed how the smallest of microbes is essential to support the life of insects, plants and animals? Have you observed how the wind interacts with fire, either blowing it out or increasing its flames? There is such a delicate balance between all things. It takes only a minor interaction with humans who are trying to perfect what is already perfect to set off a chain of events that destroys much of the balance.

We ask you today to walk gentler upon the Earth. Pay attention to your surroundings and what is happening around you. Notice the ants along your path and walk around them. Have you no consideration for their efforts when you unthinkingly destroy their habitat? The Earth is fragile; one footprint can erase the opportunity for native plants to grow for decades. Walk along the riverbanks and allow the interiors to rebuild.

Do you need to use your cars as often as you do? Consider bicycling or walking to your destination. Many times, you are better off remaining at home rather than gallivanting all over the place. Many of you repeatedly shop or work at locations far from your home, requiring  a huge consumption of natural resources. It is time to restructure your work force and learn to stay more within your communities. It is sad indeed that your family members are strewn all over the surface of the Earth, for tribe is the core essence of your survival.

Learn to get along with your fellow man. Learn to share. Learn to communicate more from a heart space than through the shallow means of words. Come together and celebrate your gardens. Look at what is of importance to you. How did you become so far removed from what was once precious to you? With whom and what do you wish to reconnect?

Does your daily work bring you joy? Are you surrounded by a supporting family, whether they are your blood tribe or not? Do you spend time in activities that create passion in your soul? Do you share your bounty with others and do you receive support for the things you need for your existence? How much time do you spend in reflection and gratitude? Do you know your neighbor’s name? Do you know their desires? How often do you gather with them? Do you daily enter into unspoiled areas of nature; do you even have access to such a space? We think not for the majority of you. This is sad indeed.

These things are needed in order to create your dream of a balanced and peaceful world. You state that you wish to live in a better world and dream of such things. Yet what was the last step you took with your fellow man towards creating this utopian society? How many of you are dreamers and how many of you are doers? There needs to be a balance of both in order to create a society of such magnitude. However, the dreamers have become talkers and the doers are not listening. It is time to step up to the plate with your bat ready and aimed to hit the mark. It is time to unite and pray together with clear intentions and to follow through with the many plans that are laid out before you. We rejoice each time a group of you comes together and begins to move forward. It is reassuring to us that all is well, that you will and can make this happen.

Peace and love ripples forth through the fabric of all Dimensions. When you are heavily burdened with sadness and despair, we feel it. When you are light, happy and experiencing joy, we feel it. That is why we use the word “uni-verse,” for truly it is one word, one logos, one sound. We are united in ways that are incomprehensible to you at this time. However, the veils between us are thinning and they will continue to do so as each of you on a personal, planetary and global level reaches within yourselves and uproots belief codes that hold you in bondage.

It is our joy to assist you in the going within process. It is time to know the history of your birth and to step forward and claim your inheritance. The veil of amnesia is thinning rapidly. Have you noticed an ever-increasing number of UFO sightings, ghosts and other phenomena? Many of your television programs, movies and writings include stories of psychic and extraordinary events. This is due to the thinning of the veil.

It is imperative that you clean out the cobwebs of your negative thinking and close-mindedness, for you are about to enter into a realm of unbelievable events. If you choose to walk your path gracefully, we suggest you begin immediately to start with the basement of your soul and work upward and outward to clear negative memories that keep you in fear and mistrust. As you clean your interior, you will discover the door to unconditional love is in front of you. What do you need to clear from the path in order to reach it? What do you need to do in order to have the courage to open it? What behaviors do you need to change in order to walk over the threshold? What do you need to leave behind in order to live in a state of unconditional love and beauty?

Take time to go within and move into the deep cleaning process. Pull up your memories, look at your habits and face your fears. Have courage to change the way you think and look at what is occurring around you. Make the necessary changes to live the life of your dreams. Know that possessions only bring a temporary relief to whatever ails you. For permanent relief, try forgiveness and allowance instead of numbing drugs.

Remove yourself from victim mode into recovery mode. From there, you will go beyond and become a hero in your own eyes. As you gain strength and momentum, you will become a hero for others who wish to release their past hurts and move forward. Share the knowledge you gain with others. Know that each of you walks a unique path. Although none of you will walk in exactly the same manner, you will all reach the goal in your own time, perhaps in another incarnation. Do not be concerned with this, for there is ample time in the universe for each of you to return to Source at your own pace. Be happy and learn to live in the moment, rejoicing with your brothers as you move a step closer to self-empowerment and love for one another.

There is much work to be done on Earth. There is no time to be wasted, your seas are suffocating, the land has been over-tilled and many are walking in amnesia. Awaken and become good stewards of the land and rejoin your tribe. We are here to support and encourage you along your Path. We revere you, for indeed we know the difficulties you face. We have the ability to see the bigger picture and are in awe of what you are currently co-creating. There is not one among you who is unable to reach inside and pull yourself up to a different level of understanding. You need only to be willing to go within and to start cleaning out the unhealthy thoughts residing within you.

Selamet!  Ben 8