mayan-messagesHello, I am Cib with Tone 11. Today we would like to talk with you about finding your way through the maze of self-doubt. Although there are many of us in various Dimensions that are here to assist, you doubt that we exist. Although you have direct connection with your Higher Self, you doubt the validity of this inner voice. Even when you are presented with scientific proof of the existence of many things, you doubt its validity. There is nothing wrong with doubt, for there are many false teachers and many invalid responses to scientific query. However, instilled within each of you is a way of knowing what is true and what is the best solution for whatever you seek. How can you tap into this knowingness to such a degree that you move beyond doubt?

Can you recall moments when you just knew something was going to happen and it did? Have you ever been thinking about calling someone on the phone, while at the same time she was dialing your number? Have you ever felt someone was in danger or ill and then discovered this was true? There are countless stories of people knowing when a loved one has crossed over. Some psychics are amazingly on target with specific future events. How can this be?

Have you ever been seeking information on a topic then walked into a bookstore and instinctively been drawn to the perfect book? Have you ever had a question and somehow the answer came into your mind even though you didn’t know where the information came from? There are many ways we respond to your desires. Once you clearly state an intention and put passion behind it, we can move forward to help you create your desire. What if you were able to move beyond doubt and were to begin creating your reality on a conscious level in tandem with your Guides and other Spirit Helpers? Can you imagine the possibilities?

You need not take our word for this; put it to the test so you can get beyond doubt. Think of something you would like or need. First, it is best to clear your mind from distracting thoughts. This can be done in a meditative state when you will not be disturbed. Focus on your breath to help eliminate thoughts and concerns of the day. All we are asking you to do is to sit still and breathe. Do you doubt that when you are relaxed, you think more clearly?

Once you are relaxed, think of what you would like to manifest. It could be as simple as a nail or as complex as finding the right and perfect mate. Whatever it is you desire, get a clear image of this in your mind. Next, energize this vision into reality using your senses and passion. When you have a clear image of something in your mind, your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is fantasy. Get a clear mental picture of what you wish to create. In your mind, create an image as though you were looking at a movie screen. What is happening in the background? Who else is on the screen? How are the characters dressed? Are there any scents involved? What is happening in this scene? Once you get the image just as you like it, energize it with your emotions.

Let us say that you want a new car. See yourself getting into the car, smell the interior, visualize turning the key in the ignition. Hear the sound of the engine firing up. Feel the steering wheel. Feel the suspension as you drive, roll the window down and feel the breeze. You get the picture. A strong visualization of what you wish is key to co-creating with us. Your next role is to release all concerns as to how you will get this car. Perhaps you have no money and no credit line. Release the doubt that you will be able to afford it and tell us what it is you would like to happen. Perhaps you tell us that you would like to get this car at no cost to you. Maybe you are willing to purchase it, but need low monthly payments. You tell us what your parameters are, then release all doubt that it can occur. Visualize this strongly and it will be yours. Another important step is to ask your Higher Self if this is in the best and highest good for you and all concerned, no matter how trivial the request. From our vantage point, we can see a much larger picture of how your new car will affect your life. We must receive permission from your Higher Self before moving forward with your request.

Your Higher Self knows you want a sporty car to impress others. What you really need is a utility truck. You tend to drive too fast and are a heavy drinker. It is likely that if you get the sporty car, you will be drinking and driving and get into an accident with your friends. This was not part of the deal when you incarnated; an accident of this sort will only take you away from what is for your highest good. Can you see where we are going with this dialogue? Your life is very complex and when you consider all the people, places and events that occur in your life, the matrix becomes very complicated indeed. When you incarnate on Earth, you are imparted with a beautiful gift called “free will.” At any point, you can make whatever choice you wish, although you will still have to reckon with the outcome of your choices. There are many things you have control over and some that you do not. You are not puppets of your Higher Self, but because of the state of amnesia you experience while on Earth, your Higher Self has to pull some magical strings from time to time in order to help you remain on your Path. It is your choice to follow these nudgings or to ignore them.

Often you are allowed to make choices that have no direct bearing on the goals you came here to accomplish. However, when you make choices that take you into unnecessary experiences, we are always here to assist you in getting back on track. Whether you choose to listen to our nudgings or to see the gifts we lay at your feet is up to you. Even if you do not know of our existence or how to work with us, we do not give up on you. We are always busy attending to your needs. It may not feel this way at times, especially when you have an experience that is devastating to you. We challenge you to take any sad or horrendous experience you have had and find other persons who have dealt remarkably well in the same situation and have overcome their grief or anger associated with the event. What makes them different from the way you reacted to the situation? One of the differences is attitude. If you live in a state of “poor me,” you will attract situations of victimhood. If you adopt an attitude of self-empowerment, you will attract situations in which you can express your ability and remain empowered. It is really that simple, considering the complexity of it all.

Beyond attitude, develop a belief that all is well. You hear people say, “If life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.” This is a wonderful adage and holds much truth. Your attitude, coupled with a belief that there is good in all things will assist you in overcoming any situation. Once you connect with your Higher Self and learn to ask directly for guidance in all situations, your life will become magical. If you ask for guidance with the parameter, for my highest good and for the highest good of all concerned, miracles happen.

Let us go back to the example of the new car. This time you go to your Higher Self and state, “I would like to have another set of wheels. What kind of vehicle is for my best and highest good?” You may instinctively know that a utility truck would be the best choice so you can continue to gather your own firewood and get the supplies you need for a few projects you want to work on. You also know that you like to be able to help your friends when they need things to be hauled.

The thought of a utility truck comes into your head; your question has been answered. You can now do the visualization process in order to incorporate the assistance from your Guides on the Other Side or you can argue and put in your desire to have a sporty car. This is where humans tend to get bogged down. Instead of following intuition, they resist the inner advice and go forward in another direction. There is no “sin” in this, however it could mean that your life heads in a direction that is not in accord with the purpose of your incarnation. You may choose to get the car instead of the truck. However, it changes your life in many ways. Now you have to rely on others to haul the things you need. Your self-identity is closely tied to the status of having this car. Can you see how you may now become cocky and arrogant? How much different might your life be if you were expressing your true nature, that of being self-sufficient and of more help to others? Can you see how one incident can set you onto a path that is out of alignment with the original intent of your Higher Self?

Many times, prayers go unanswered or so it seems. There is a purpose to everything that occurs. How many times has something happened that was not in your plans, yet later you found out that it was a blessing? That is a sign of us at work. There are many ways we operate, such as a little voice in your head, prompting you to do something unplanned.We have a lot of fun with technology such as lights, computers, TVs and phones. We can make things happen that can only be described as miraculous. However, we always work in tandem with your Higher Self, for that is your connection with Spirit and your purpose for entering this world. Because of free will, you have the opportunity at any level to make other choices. We are always here to prompt you and give you opportunities to get back on the path that will lead to the goals that are in your highest good.

Test these words for yourself. Create an image of something you would like to manifest or experience. Ask if it is in your highest good and for the highest good of all concerned. Listen for a response whether it comes in the form of a voice, a knowing, or a feeling in your body. If it feels good and you feel energized, it is likely you are getting an affirmative answer. Visualize the event to the best of your ability. Energize it with your emotions. Check again with your Higher Self to see if you are in alignment. If you get an affirmative answer, then end your request with “So be it and so it is.” Thank all who are involved with bringing this blessing to you. Now live your life as though it is already on the way, for it is!

Have fun practicing! The Angels rejoice whenever a human reconnects with his spiritual Self. It is our joy to assist in making your dreams come true. We are here to be co-creators with you and are doing all in our power to let you know we exist and that we love you with no conditions. Our love is pure; it is not tainted with the forgetfulness that you currently live with. One day soon, these doors will be opened and you will experience true bliss when you come to understand the magnificent Being that you are. Expect miracles to happen. Be kind to yourself and others and watch the magic unfold!

Selamet!  Cib 11